Im late again, MY ROW80 checkin, round 1

ROW80LogocopyThis is my midweek check-in of ROW80 day two. It will be a quick post. I’m late again, my mind have drawn a blank. It’s 2015 and start of round one of ROW80. It has been an interesting year, I made a new FB friend.

I have a learn a few things, I didn’t know what a ghost was. Basically a ghost is a government agent that “don’t exist” officially. With no records, no background history, no family, no SNN, no nothing. They do missions, where no one or no thing could be traced back to them, or be used against them.

One of my recent FB friend, who’s married to US soldier. Also said that they have presidential clearance with all organizations.

I also discovered that the CIA and FBI have a tendency to dislike sharing information with each other. Another thing, she said that the ghosts work for the military. Of which I’m assuming that they wipe out records, so no trace of his/her deed. I will have to look at my notes later on.

I will be attending Google hangouts again on this Saturday, for writing prompts. Hopefully my internet would hold.

My goals for this round. Well I will have to wing again.

  • Blogging.
  • Writing on my current WIP along with several others.
  • Have my Natural Reader software read me the text. So that I would catch any text.
  • Reading more books.
  • Chat with Bill and others.
  • Possibly sending in my WIP for beta/alpha reading, when ready for beta/alpha reading.

8 thoughts on “Im late again, MY ROW80 checkin, round 1

  1. Very interesting about ghosts. I never knew that.
    I applaud your goals for this round. Many we have discussed before. The new idea to me — send your WIP for beta/alpha reading. Never heard of such a thing. Please let us know how it works. Many of us could benefit by such readings.
    / Bill

  2. I enjoy how ghosts have been represented so far in film and television. They’ve always fascinated me, and I’m sure you’ll really enjoy exploring. Have fun and drink plenty of coffee – research can be gruelling work! 🙂

  3. *dumps whole bag of coffee in the pot and stirs* *throws espresso beans in the air like confetti* Wooohoo! Round 1. Love your goals!! I’ve never heard of Natural Reader software before but that sounds great. I could probably do with something like that. And I had no idea about ghosts. Thank you for enlightening me! 🙂 have a great ROW80 Round 1. Holler if you need more coffee 😉

    • Natural reader is basically a text reader. I used to free version rather than the demo version. MMM coffee nectar of the gods. getting his mug ready, for such a holler.
      I had no idea about ghosts either. I was pleasantly surprised how they are used in fiction.
      Have a great ROW80 as well, be sure kick it in the family jewels. 😉 😛

  4. Good, ambitious goals! Good luck with them! Especially submitting your WIP; that’s always a little nerve-wracking. But keep a positive attitude, and you’ll come out with some good feedback 🙂

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