An interesting 2015 indeed

All right, 2015 has been a start of interesting year, Target decided to close all of its 133 stores, Sony is closing shop in two months, transitioning to an online store and through third party dealers. The upside, deals from third party retailers, the downside, I can’t order from Best Buy, they don’t ship their orders up here, the standard shipping of WalMart Canada, is still friggin expensive.

As for Target Canada, its rather unfortunate that they didn’t offer online retail site. It would have made life of a northerner easier on the wallet. As businesses go, they sometimes pull up their stakes and leave.

More than a few nights ago, my father and uncle both were afraid. I was told that bigfoot-like creature was close to town. In regards to the certain two legged fiend, old folks of my generation once said that you can feels it presence. If I remember correctly bigfoot or bigfoot-like creature often times will peek through window. Either to scare someone, or look at future menu.

Just recently there was sighting of polar bears near this town. There was a post on local church channel via cable, issuing a warning. But I didn’t see the posting on channel 11. It’s a safe bet that the local hunters were on it.


One thought on “An interesting 2015 indeed

  1. You are right, 15 days into 2015 and bad things are happening. Two major businesses pull out of Canada. People at Attawapiskat see big foot prowling around. More realistically, polar bears ARE prowling around.
    Keep looking for reasonable online suppliers; keep your eyes open when you go outside; and of course, keep your fingers crossed and wait for spring.
    / Bill

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