a day late check in row80-random thoughts

This is my day late check in of ROW80 round one. I missed the first week of checking in. As things go they have a way of happening. Mentally, in all honesty I’m pissed, After I just found that my father had an infection near his old surgical scar. Piecing together via eavesdropping of what the nurse was saying on the phone.

A quick recap, the previous Friday my attendance in google hangout was abysmal, Internet kept going out. I missed several writing prompt exercises.

During one of my writing my prompts exercise, my cousin picked a hell of time to bug me something about his facebook, via messaging.

More than week ago, err, well the same day, I took the liberty of renaming one of my scrivener projects. Going with the Main Character’s name as a label for my scrivener project folder.

After storyboard, taking notes via scrivener had came to screeching halt. My word count for this week had been skimpy.


8 thoughts on “a day late check in row80-random thoughts

  1. Clearly one of those weeks. You cannot blame yourself for internet failures; you cannot take responsibility for irritating cousins. Despite all that, you did try to use Google Hangout and did rename your project folder. I think you should claim credit for that work. Of course, I hope next week goes more smoothly.
    / Bill

  2. Life is. Sometimes it just doesn’t relent.

    Deep breaths.

    You made an effort. You showed up at the hangout; you worked on prompts. You changed direction with the project title – when I have a shift like that, I often need some time away from the project to let things simmer – so maybe you’ll come back to it renewed and ready to write.

    I hope all is well with your father. And, while we can’t choose our family or control their behavior, we can choose not to engage them, at times.

    May this week be a better one, on all counts!

    • Indeed it has been interesting. the hangout had produce some interesting stuff. The ebb and the flow of writing. I sometimes life can be twitchy.

      My father is doing better, he’s not lifting anything heavy. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your regards stay sweet.

      • I’m glad to hear your father is improving. And, yes, ‘twitchy’ is a good way to describe the vagaries of life. =)

        I’m headed outside to join my family in shoveling a whole mess of white ‘vagaries’ while the sky dumps new ones on us! =)

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