A quick recap and my qik thoughts on teachers and school board

A quick recap on what I had posted earlier. When it comes to drawing and keeping teachers, you need incentive for the teachers to stay. If I were a member of the school board, one of the incentives would be free Internet for the teachers. I don’t mean just free Internet, I mean Internet that is reliable and convenient for the teachers. With Vezina high school, they would need at least a minimum of fifteen teachers and TA (Teaching Assistants) would also be a nice addition.

From what I heard that school board had fired one of the teachers earlier. But a good friend of mine had his classroom signed a petition, he got rehired but the teacher left.

Firing my teacher friend just because he was depressed, is extreme. If he were unionized, he’d be working yesterday. By Monday I will make a phone call, and ask them if they could reinstate them, and argue that the highschool staff would overwhelmed.

I am certain that Dave would find something, it’s a shame that things had happened the way they did. Stress can turn to depression. Considering that he has a lot on plate, paying alimony, supporting his kids, daily work, not to mention night school.

Of course, I will miss visiting Dave and giving Fluffy treats, when Dave leaves for home. I had a feeling that something like this would happen, and it seems it has.


2 thoughts on “A quick recap and my qik thoughts on teachers and school board

  1. This is well written and convincing. You strengthen your argument by reporting an earlier termination where pressure caused the board to reverse itself. I hope in this case the intelligent community can bring sufficient pressure to bring this about. / Bill

    • I doubt that there would be pressure from the community. I’m hoping that there may be. I will have to phone the school board tomorrow. Being one person, I have just one option is to phone the school board tomorrow, this monday. I will keep you posted

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