A slight update on my female WIP

All right I decided to post a link of post about my WIP right here. I allowed it to sit in the back of my noggin. Good thing too.

Innocence by Vuelo  – DeviantArt

Innocence by Vuelo – DeviantArt

Quite surprising the quick sprints and prompts I attended at google hangouts and chatzy had produced interesting fruits, though scant they may be. Nevertheless fruits of writing. In regards to few of WIP. The current one, I just dug out of my noggin.

The one I mentioned some years back about the main female protagonist, there’s a change, the main protagonist would be male. The female protagonist I mentioned in 2013 would still be there. The same universe, different cast of characters. But it would feature a sixteen year old male protagonist.

I understood what my friend Jeff once said in regards to what to the tale. And Fawn also gave me a bit of pointers. As Mandy once said, that you need at least a minimum of five beta readers/alpha readers.


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