my day late check-in ROW80 sunday

This is my day late check in for February 15,2015. I have nothing to report at the moment, my writing comes and goes like the wind.

I couldn’t afford grammarly, the subscription is expensive. So on February 12,2015, I decided to go with Pro Writing Aid.

I was told to wait until I have the revisions out of the way before using it. Other than that, I think I will appreciate it. Oh another thing, I almost fudge it big time aka screwed up, when I purchased the plagiarism bundle first. Before purchasing one year subscription. 100 plagiarism checks for 20USD/25.06CAD. A year worth of subscription is 35USD/43.86CAD.

On Saturday February 14, one of the pipes under my house cracked, spewing out water, I managed to shut off the main valve to the water, but the water is still peeing away. The band Administration Office is closed today, I will have to head there tomorrow. And report the damage. Two things worry me, an ice rink under the house and the water heater tank burning out.

And another wrinkle, is that the plumber takes their sweet time, of which would be five business days, loose translation next week.

Other ROW80ers.


2 thoughts on “my day late check-in ROW80 sunday

  1. sucks about the burst water pipe. We had our hot water line freeze yesterday, but only to the shower in our master bathroom. It worked everywhere else. Took all day to get it to work. Hope you can get your pipe fixed as soon as possible.

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