My late midweek check-in, random n booyah

This is my late check-in for Wednesday February 25, 2015. I don’t have to much to report. Other than shivering inside of my house. It seems February came and went, my mind was a bit confused to notify my lazy ass.

My writing had stalled again, I will have to get back in stitching more text for the beginning chapter, or a prologue. The opening pages are always hard to start and to fill in when the writing has begun.

Two days, I agreed to be one of my facebook friends beta reader. I took my reading her text, let it digest, ran it through online editor of Pro Writing Aid. Sure enough, the results came up, I was pleasantly surprised.

I had a feeling that I would have to divide document into two or three chapters at the time. Considering that the internet is friggin slow. It took ten to fifteen minutes for it to work its magic. Anything more than four chapters the online editor would stall.

Besides I had to resist editing her text, ergo dropping a bit of suggestions via comments on her google docs. After finish chapter six, I let my inner critic rest.

And go back to reading the ebook I purchased from for 0.00.

As general rule of thumb, is to get the first revision out of the way, or at least the first draft done, before using online version of pro writing aid. After her second revision I will run it through again.

Other ROW80ers.


One thought on “My late midweek check-in, random n booyah

  1. I think it is fine of you to read your friend’s beta book. Yet I wonder, does this kindness interfere with your own writing? If you learn something about your creative work from the beta book, that is good. But if it is a mere distraction, put the beta on a back burner and start stitching together your first chapters. /Bill

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