Late ROW80 check-in, Nuh

This is my late check in for March 11, 2015. It has been several slow weeks. It’s been a while since I posted a check in The upside, the weather is warming up nicely. Decent folks online, decent folks in my home town aka community. My writing is coming together slower than a snail’s pace.

Round one of ROW80, round is just around the corner.

Anyways speaking of writing. Stitching in text to several fragmented scenes is going all right, damn slow, but not too shabby. The sprints and prompts at google hangouts are helpful. As for stitching the opening pages, I had to chuck them out from both WIP. Well more like stuffing them in (what am I going to do with this ‘bin.)

In one of my WIP, I have a main character who is sixteen years of age. And YA is not easy genre to write. The definition of YA is when a main character is sixteen to eighteen years of age.

With my WIP, when it comes to sex scenes, it will have to fade to black aka cut the scene, before the hokey pokey, the groin tango, before the nipple biting action. Allow the reader’s imagination.

As for the other character aka the female aka the chick in the same WIP, my lips are not budging.


4 thoughts on “Late ROW80 check-in, Nuh

  1. How nice to hear you so light hearted. These stitching problems are common to all serious writers, but I would say you are tackling them sensibly.
    And the weather is getting warmer! Heaven be praised — it is much easier to create when one is not shivering with the cold.

  2. I agree with Bill – I’m feeling a creative surge as the weather warms, too! Our home is much cleaner, and I’m clearing up some projects that have been waiting for longer than I wanted them to…

    As for stitching, I’m right there with you. I had a fan fiction piece I was about ready to submit – and then I took a day or two away from it. When I came back to it, I realized I started it at least two scenes early, for each character…now, I’m going back to do some belated plotting, and then I’ll be doing some stitching of my own…

    And, as for those love scenes – sometimes things work best when lots is left to the imagination. =)

  3. Don’t know how much the weather helps, but the rewriting is killing me. I gave Cindy the first 4 chapters. She wanted the rape scene thrown out. Discarded that chapter and wrote a new one. Made some major changes; got halfway through re-reading my book and decided to scrap the new chapter and the next one. I’ve shortened my book by some 70 pages and still would like to get rid of another 25. At this stage, it’s hard to see the glamor that goes with being a writer.

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