final check-in of ROW80 round 1, seeya soon round 2

This is my late mid-week check-in, final one for this round. I had missed my check-ins. Round two is around the corner, I will attend campwrimo along with ROW80 round two.

One of my online friends signed me up to the FB group 100 day writing challenge. The goal is to write 100 words or more in every day. I think I have found my motivation. It’s been somewhat helpful. Considering that I haven’t written anything, aside from this blog post.

With upcoming ROW80 round two, and campwrimo 2015, its going to writing from the seat off from my pants.

I will have to pick one of the WIP, and plop my scraggly butt firmly on the seat and write the damn thing. In loose translation, pick one of my WIP and write and stitch in the text.

Apriwrimo aka camp nanowrimo is a bit strict, ten thousand words a minimum.

Hopefully my internet connection won’t fog out on me.

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2 thoughts on “final check-in of ROW80 round 1, seeya soon round 2

  1. I hope these motivations from outside will drive you on. Sometimes they work for me; other times they just irritate me.
    Here is an old writer’s trick. I have always followed it faithfully, and my wife recommends it to all her students.

    + Start with an OUTLINE, and everyday write from that.
    + After that, every day EXPAND your outline as new ideas come to you.

    Good luck with your projects. / Bill

  2. Hey, and motivation is good motivation. I can always lurk in corners and jump out and say “Hey, whatcha writing?” Or would that be to much 🙂 I’m feeling a tad rambunctious today ~giggle~ Anyway, see you in Round 2.

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