damn phishing and damn things.

For me, an email is a vital tool. I checked the spam section of my email section. And click on delete all spam messages. In my spam folder there’s an email from apple. That a purchased has been made by an apple ID.

Let me be clear, I never created an Apple ID, I didn’t sign up for it, nor that I installed Itunes on to my laptop. Hell, I don’t even own any products from apple.

From the looks of it, there’s a phishing attempt on my email account. As phishing goes, the email from apple looks legit. But its a fake. And a very good fake.

I phoned apple and asked them if anyone had created an apple ID by using my email account. They said they didn’t find any apple ID that matches my email. It’s annoying that people would do such a thing to other people.

Oh another thing, please do refrain posting a link to your personal store on my blog post via comment.  I’m sorry for being a little brisk. Many thanks


2 thoughts on “damn phishing and damn things.

  1. Exasperating. It has happened to me too. They always make you change your password, which is tiresome but necessary.
    I hope that takes care of the problem. Once they made me change my email account number too. That caused all sorts of confusion.

    • As I said, I never created an Apple ID. I could be a victim of phishing attempt. I was put on hold for 30 minutes before I can thoroughly confirm that my email is not used.
      Fake email from fake apple. scams from those bastards.
      I forgot to add, I think you all ready know that the phishing and scam emails are sophisticated and look legit. Hackers, scammers and phishers are all over the world, including Nigeria, parts of Africa, Russia, China and other areas.
      Yeah it does stink of being inconvenienced by those bastards.

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