ROW80 round Two goals

Round two of ROW80 is upon us again.

It has been an interesting months,  I got side tracked. My modem almost croaked on me. It would be friggin expensive to purchase a replacement from my local ISP.

Major Goal for this round is to work on my YA novel and work on other WIP.

  • Work on my YA novel, stitching in text and continue writing.
  • Read more books.
  • Order an external hard drive.
  • Continue on with day seventeen on the 100 day challenge.
  • Back up my WIP via several usb thumb drives and external hard drive.

Post April Camp NaNoWrimo

  • post April Camp NaNoWriMo send out my WIP to Beta Readers/Alpha readers. Via email and google drive.
  • Restart/continue with one of the three WIP of which, I had set aside in the back burner.
  • Continue utilizing the 100 day challenge to meet the one hundred to a thousand word count per a day, give or take.

Other than that I will have to write from the seat of my pants.


3 thoughts on “ROW80 round Two goals

  1. You have started well. I applaud any program that motivates one to write, and you have two of them running now. Good luck to you.

    And of course, you continues to be realistic. “I will have to write from the seat of my pants.” Isn’t that the truth? All writers know that. Which ever young adult novel you choose to work on, you will have to get in there and start typing.

    Good luck to you. Let us all know how it is going.

    / Bill

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