midweek checkin ROW80 day late.

This is my day late Check in for June 17, 2015. Round two of ROW80 is almost over. Hello Round three, and July Camp NaNoWriMo.

However I am not satisfied with the prologue of my stagnate and current WIP. Even though, its a YA. I ran it through my ProWritingAid online editor for overused words and for other things. Sure enough, it showed up the overused words. I will have to go back to the prologue and rework on it afterwards.

No new words came, I think my mind had entered the empty phase. Possible loose screws, or the cuckoo clock noises chirping away inside of my noggin.

As for my other WIP, they’re moodily sitting around, being neglected. I will have to get to work on them pronto.

On the other news, the external hard drive I ordered from Amazon.ca on June ninth had arrived six days ago, give or take.


4 thoughts on “midweek checkin ROW80 day late.

  1. I’m in that empty phase too. Is it contagious? Is there something in the water? I spent 2 hours on my novel yesterday and kept editing the same page. In bed, I developed an outline, but by morning I forgot it! I think I’ve become a one book wonder. I hope Cindy is right–that the muse will return.

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