My late ROW80 final check-in

This is my another late check in for Round Two of ROW80. I must admit, I didn’t get anything much done in this round, goal-wise. It’s been an interesting ride that I intend continue.

However I will attend July Camp NaNoWriMo. I have a serious need to write, complete my WIP. I’m still debating which WIP to write. I think sometimes its best to go back to basics.

One some news, my laptop seemed to restart when it suddenly shutdown abruptly. Fortunately I didn’t lose anything.

The upside, my Kobo Touch had arrived. But I am still working on it after I had hit a snag, when processing content stalled. Had to reset to default factory settings three times. Updating the firmware via USB cable is a pain. Not to mention the sluggish internet connection. Third time the charm.

As soon as I get that damn ebook reader working the way it supposed to. The sooner that I can read a modest collection of DRM-free epub and mobi ebooks.

I purchased four used books available at the rummage sale held by a teacher.


One thought on “My late ROW80 final check-in

  1. I only do NaNoWriMo in November as it is the easiest one for me to participate in. But I cheer on those who do Camp NaNo in April, June, and July. ~pulls out the pom poms~ rah rah rah! 🙂

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