Sunday check-in, ROW80 and Camp NaNo

ROW80Logocopy This my Sunday Check-in for Round Three and July Camp NaNo. The end of first week ROW80. And day twelve of Camp NaNoWriMo. Well there’s not much to report. My writing had slowed to a trickle. Yesterday, I had hit a mental wall, knocking me out flat on my ass. My muse had gone off somewhere. The upside my Untitled Speculative Fiction is looking a bit respectable. The beginning chapter and other scenes are slowly being sorted and filled in. From a quick glance at my WIP, all ready there would be deleted scene(s), after this Camp NaNo is done. But for now, more time on writing. Less mentally dickering around. Speaking of which, one of the main characters, the brunette was originally from Russia. Well, in the notes department. I had change that. Checkout what other ROW80ers are up  


7 thoughts on “Sunday check-in, ROW80 and Camp NaNo

  1. Words are words. We can only delete what we’ve written. So there’s something to celebrate.

    Plotting my project took a lot longer than I thought it would, so I didn’t start writing till about 5am Saturday. I’m going to need to hustle, to make my 75K goal, but, on the upside, the plot is making the drafting a much more streamlined affair…

    Hooray for progress!

    • It’s kinda funny that the itch to write has a tendency to pop up unexpectedly. A friend of mine does his all of his writing in early morning, before Five AM.

      75k is a lot of text indeed. Best of luck to your WIP. And yeah, plotting sometimes can lead to another fork in one’s WIP.

      • My characters always take over sooner or later – and then the words pour out!

        I won’t likely get much written, today, because we have family plans this evening, and I had things to do earlier that I wasn’t expecting. But the rest of the week is pretty clear, so I expect to make some serious headway…there have been times when I could write 50K in ten days and not even break a sweat, so I think I’ll be fine, once I get into my game rhythm. I’m a bit over 10K in three days, so I think I can get there from here.

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