Late check in, day late, duh- dum


All right, this is my day late check for Round three of ROW80. I must admit that I didn’t reach my goal of July Camp NaNOWRiMo. But its still early in the game. I decided to let my WIP rest a bit and work on something else.

I did a quick research, to get some thinking out of the way. For some odd reason, thoughts keep popping in to my head.

In ancient Roman times, women didn’t serve in the military. Granted that women in higher strata of Roman society were in the game of manipulation and plotting. I highly doubt that there are female gladiator fighters. But Rome is an interesting place.

Anyways on to my other WIP, where there are deadly female characters. In that current WIP that I’m working on. I think it’s safe to say that there are a sprinkle of themes of revenge, old grudges, hatred going on. Not to mention a few things going on.

Going off topic for a bit, my other WIP wants to pop up and say write me. It’s going to be tricky in which one to write. Well I have to flip a coin.

All right back to my WIP. In regards to the female character, well one of them. I will have to write it realistically. Women have lighter bone structure than men. For a woman to survive a fight, she would have to cheat. A fair fight would be her disadvantage.


4 thoughts on “Late check in, day late, duh- dum

  1. your ideas are flowing…keep them alive…write small installments on each one as the ideas come to you… yea, barry!

  2. Sorry, Barry, but there were female gladiators. Not many of them, but there were a few, usually from slave classes. I read a diary of a doctor (ie. butcher) who worked on the dying in the Colosseum. Just a few women survived the treatment of their fellows to even make it into the ring, but… supposedly they were big draws to the the fans.

    Still… there are always exceptions to every rule. And they’re what make writing fiction so fun. Because we get to explore the “What if”

    • Good point. Yeah, I think I read somewhere that female gladiators were eventually outlawed.
      I can imagine the drawing in of crowds packed stadiums just to watch female fighting.
      Gladiatorial games were so brutal.
      Yeah fiction writing, a love/hate relationship.
      Sorry about the late response, the internet, damn thing nodded off.

      • Outlawing something doesn’t make it completely stop though.

        And… don’t apologize about a late response. I mean…. I’m not one to quibble.

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