late check in, row80 oh boy

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late check-in for August 30th of 2015. My it seems that this current round three is coming to a close, with the fourth round of ROW80 is at hand. I have been neglecting my blog. My mind is brimming with things, especially with several of my scribblings.

I don’t have much to report. It seems switching back and forth between different WIP didn’t go as planned. In fact my mind and writing had stalled.

For some time, I had been thinking in writing one of my drafts in a somewhat gritty realism aka showing negative aspects of something that people would rather ignore. With gritty realism, I would have to tread carefully. Going along the lines of politically incorrectness, and in a age of extreme thin-skinned, narcissistic schmucks.

After hitting the wall, I needed to take a step back and regroup. I decided to watch Mortal Kombat Legacy web series to defrag my mind. Well season one of the web series. After watching episode six, something clicked.

Anyways a character that is too strong or too damn powerful, would leave plot holes. For example, if you make a character too powerful, why the hell he or she didn’t take over the world, or reduce half of the world to cinder.

Speaking of which, as for the main protagonist, a sixteen year old boy, obviously I have been thinking of placing him in danger. That would go into my notes. But too much overshadowing would ruin a story.

The upside I have been catching up on my reading.


3 thoughts on “late check in, row80 oh boy

  1. I see nothing except progress here. Clearly you have been thinking of the drawbacks to each approach you might take and made allowances for them. Fine work Barry, you are a professional writer!

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