My late Mid-Week check-in, damn I’m slow.

row80logocopyThis is my late Mid-Week check-in for September 16, 2015. And I am cutting it a little damn close. My blog has been neglected. Not to mention that I got sucker punched by my own muse. It’s almost the end of round Three with September 24and Round Four is just around the corner. The start of October fourth. Shoot I would have get back on the saddle and not fall off again.

The Internet is being twitchy, in what I like to call the five minute connection. After that the Internet is out cold, sporadically. It seems that my local Hydro aka electric/utilities provider is late with my Hydro Bill. On some news, I purchased a bag of Labrador Tea from my sister. I will use it to brew tea bloss.

All right lets get right to the business at hand. Well there’s not to much to report that my writing progress. Snail mode. My mind had hit the wall, no writing since two weeks.

I have been thinking about the female characters and one of the male characters. The Main Character is sixteen. I think he’s a bit young. Then there’s the female character.  I have been thinking that she’s a dark character.

I will have to concentrate on one WIP at the moment.

The upside, a few days ago, I finished reading Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson. My current reading list, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Dreamcatcher, and the Stand by Stephen King.


7 thoughts on “My late Mid-Week check-in, damn I’m slow.

  1. I’m learning to like Stephen King. Have heard a few interviews with him. Very interesting man. His work is a good resource for your style.

    • Yeah, indeed he is, though I have yet to read the book cujo, Misery novel is a bit more gruesome than in the movie, in novel the lady captor used an axe to hobble the writer, in the movie she used sledge hammer to break his both legs.

  2. You give an honest assessment of your situation, which is always refreshing in a blog. Bloggers tend to report how good things are, which is unconvincing.

    As I have said to you before, I am not pleased with the idea of high pressure writing. I think it focuses the writers on the deadline too much, with too little attention paid to plot and style. But I grant you, that just reflects the way I work.

    I think you should explain labrador bloss to your non-Canadian readers. They might be interested to know that it is legal up there, but here in the states it is an illegal drug. I don’t know about Mexico and elsewhere.

    May I close by saying what a pleasure it is to hear from you again? It has been far too long.

    ‘ Bill

    • Thanks for stopping by, I just posted a short blog in regards to Tea bloss.
      I think it’s one of those days, where a writer has to contend two things. Imagination going one way. The muse going the other. Or zoning out.
      Sometimes that thinking too much can stall writing. I think we need coffee or M&Ms that packs a punch. Written on the bag Writer’s Choice, with an image of man grinning like a lunatic, typing away.

  3. It seems that the latter part of this Round has tripped people up, including me. You are not alone! Hang in there. ~Sending you good vibes~

    Also, that reading list looks good. I need more Stephen King in my life. 🙂

    • Thanks. Yeah life can be twitchy at times. Thanks for the tickle of good vibes.
      For some reason, Stephen King’s older books were better.
      I think we need humongous bag of Skittles or M&M to give a bit of fuel for the writing. 😛

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