All rightie, a bit of info about Tea bloss.

All rightie. I decided to follow Bill’s suggestion, and indulge in giving a quick answer in regards to tea bloss.  Well here’s it goes.

One of the ingredients for Tea bloss is Labrador Tea, Here’s the link to the Wikipedia article.   The best time to gather Labrador Tea is during Fall and early winter. That’s when it won’t taste bitter when making tea bloss.

The way my late grandmothers and my father make tea bloss. After he brews tea bags along with Labrador Tea. In bowl he prepares, flour and water to make watery consistency, he adds some sugar and finally some goose lard or regular lard. Pours the freshly brewed tea in bowl and mixes it. Allow to cool a bit before drinking. Otherwise drinking when its piping hot, which I had done several times. Cue the two second heart burn.

There are two ways in making tea bloss. One is the former, of which I described earlier, some use milk and sugar in theirs. While someone who is lactose intolerant or vegan he or she uses soy milk. Drinking tea bloss helps stave off hunger. Since I don’t have lard or goose lard, I will just use Olive oil. Crisco lard or tender flake. When I brew some tea bloss. Besides I never use milk in my tea bloss.

Oh yeah, another thing, Labrador Tea leaves are sometimes steeped when making tea. Frank loves steeped Labrador Tea, stating that it tastes better than cup of Green Tea.


3 thoughts on “All rightie, a bit of info about Tea bloss.

    • Thanks. I forgot to mention that no lard or grease is used when adding milk or soy milk when making tea bloss.
      Fried bread and good ole indian bannock goes well with the hot beverage. There’s a youtube video of an ole aboriginal lady who uses oil instead of lard when she makes bannock.
      I usually drink two cups, the third cup would be mild case of hiccuping.

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