Last midweek check-in of ROW80

I made it by the hair of my nostrils, damn painful I might add. This is my last check-in for Round Three of ROW80: A ROW80LogocopyRound of words in 80 days. Hello Round Four of ROW80. I’m not sure if I would prep before NaNoWriMo 2015. I found out that this October is the month of preparing before November’s mad dash.

There’s not much to brag about my writing. Still in its snail pace mode. However I pulled up several of my old WIP that I had recovered from my old USB thumb drive, more than a year ago. Not to mention that my work in progress fell into the cracks of this Round. I think I might work on one of those, depending on how things rolls.

On a quick note, I downloaded an ebook from Kindle; The Cure, a horror novel by JG Faherty. I’m half way through, I will read it later on. After finishing that ebook, I would go back to my damn reading list.

Speaking of which, I wonder if I should use a male name for a female character. Naming female characters with masculine names had been used in literature, TV shows and movies.


3 thoughts on “Last midweek check-in of ROW80

  1. I think its fun to create characters that different, like a female with a masculine name. I try to come up with new and fresher names, often I start with a place holder if I don’t have permanent name picked out. Sometime I just collect names for the purpose of using them later.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m using Jordan for a female. I’ve read lots of stories that do that. Only once was I confused because I did not realize the character was female. I read the voice wrong and thought the character was weird. After a few pages something wasn’t right, so I went back a ways and found where I had missed the character intro which let me know ‘he’ was a she. In reverse, a fellow male member of my rock club is Dee which I always thought was a female name. I haven’t found out the story behind his name.

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