Late midweek check in. ROW80 n random thought

ROW80LogocopyAll right. I’m back, sorry about that, this is my late check in for October 28, 2015. And I am running late again.  NaNoWriMo is just days away and yes I would be participating. My word count has been NIL. Well it’s not a total loss, I had taken a detour of a bit of random researching.

Here’s a little tidbit that you might be familiar with, from personal observation batteries lose power quicker in cold temperature. Batteries doesn’t like temperature below minus fifteen degrees Celsius.  The batteries would be dead, void of juice, if exposed to vacuum space aka outer space.

Aside from my research, I tried out several fonts. Theano Modern font, Theano Didot and Theano Old Style. I like the modern font, I will use it for blog posts and random typing.

Okay back to writing and research, there’s an obscure school of thought. If you’re familiar with angels who descend to earth and taken wives for themselves. And produce progeny half angel/celestial and half human aka nephilim.  From bits and pieces mentally taped together. Their progeny were big suckers, think Titans of Greek Mythology.  But the women weren’t the only ones they messed around with. If I remembered reading bits online that the fallen watchers did some sort of Bestiality with two hundred animals of different variety.

So cutting to the ending quickly.  After the dear ole pops of monstrosities watched their half human offspring kill each other.  The two hundred watchers that fell, were punished and chained in a special compartment of hell, Tartarus. Their wives though not innocent victims, were also punished and transformed into sirens. And sirens of classical Greek Mythology were part birds.

If I remember correctly, there’s a passage in the bible that refers women with stork wings as evil. Naturally storks in the bible are considered unclean. So going back to the obscure theory, fallen angels feminizing themselves, so they would fool around human men, ergo producing earth-born monstrosities.  If it were indeed the case, I think, it’s a safe bet that the human men were pussy whipped and manipulated. (If not familiar with that term, please google pussy whip and pussy whipped.)

But several things continue to nag at me, why on earth would a fallen angel want to get pregnant and give birth to an offspring. Is it a momentary Venus envy, curiosity or are they just plain freakish. So that’s just one obscure theory that is rarely talked about.

Anyways here’s a peek of other ROW80ers.


3 thoughts on “Late midweek check in. ROW80 n random thought

    • Both, yeah it will end up as my WIP. Every scrap of information is worth exploring.
      It made me take a mental step back and think. Although in an interesting way, it made sense in regards to succubus and incubus of folklore.

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