back again, sunday check-in booyah

This is my check-in for Sunday November 8, 2015. I have been long absent. Sorry about that. Things were a little tedious. It had been an interesting start, internet outages. The longest was five days, then I was able to update my laptop. Then after updating the internet went down, after two days it was back.
Speaking of NaNo, I had a rough start of first three nights of NaNoWriMo. But since then my word count has rose bit by bit, now the total word count is 1897.

I did however worked on several of WIP which I labelled on first name basis of MC. I went back to the female character Amara and three other MC and continued typing away. Originally she didn’t appear, it was during in the WriMo that she pop into the story. By the time of NaNoWriMo 2013 was over, I became fond of her.

As for other female character, I think she’s a tough nut to crack in regards to sympathize or empathize with her.
Anyways I should get back to writing, chow.

Psst. Check out what other ROW80ers are up to.


5 thoughts on “back again, sunday check-in booyah

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog AND for reconnecting with ROW80. NaNoWriMo brings us unexpected gifts as we type like mad trying to make that daily word count. May your story flower!

    • Your welcome. indeed things have a bit moody with the internet being goofy 😛
      yeah writing has it mad dashes and screeching halts and mad dashes.
      Thanks for the sentiment 🙂 I appreciate it

      • And I can definitely appreciate those “mad dashes” as our power went out during a windstorm . . . ah, remember the days of hunt and peck on the typewriter? Oh, dear. No typewriter! Luckily that power came right back on within 24 hours. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. Hey there, Barry! It’s good to see you back. It also sounds like you’ve made some good progress even with adversity. New words and new character insights are pretty much always a win, in my book! =)

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