quick update and random stuff

All right this is a quick update. I decided to buy a wireless router from the local northern store. After reading the instructions, and installation. I was surprised that the wireless router worked on my local cable internet. Slow as my internet connection is. I password protect it. It will serve me well. when go the dining/living room, while my washer is running.

Second stage is to get an unlocked smartphone from online and sim card from K-net of which my internet and cable provider sells those items. The thing is, I would have to know if it’s compatible with their sim card. My older sister told me that the phones with touch screen sold locally are terrible and people had trouble with them. But the small ones with tiny screen help up better than smartphones.

It could be several factors, one, OS upgrade causing twitchiness of firmware, two, fluctuation of extreme cold, heat and humidity. Adding the toll of the mobile device. Below freezing temperature can drain your battery fast.

But with prepaid cells has some limits unlike cells under contract. With prepaid ones, getting cell reception can be infuriating at times. I estimate that I would use 5gb of data with prepaid cell.

Anyways back to wireless router. I took a liberty of using it to download updates for Kobo ereader. Lo-and-behold I hit a hiccup. And my drm-free epub and mobi ebooks weren’t being processed by my ebook reader. I did a factory settings reset and restart downloading updates in two stages. The second stage is going to be annoying. So it’s hooked up to my Kobo App software desktop downloading.

Update,  Knet mobile doesn’t offer data plans, it’s pay as you go.


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