I am back, Sunday ROW80 check-in.

I am back, its been a while since I posted my blog. My writing has stalled again, lately I have been distracted. Been thinking about a few things.

Anyways since this my check in May 8, 2016, ROW80 days. I better get on to it.

I did some research on few things to pass the time. One of the few topics, gold silver, and gems. It’s not that surprising that world nations would hoard gold and silver just in case when the liquefied turd becomes a proverbial geysers.

Under advice of one person on facebook. I decided not to mention Bitcoin, and green dot in my WIP. There are inherit dangers to bitcoin and crypto currencies. One of them, could make you a target. Bitcoin is useless without a mobile device, internet connection and computer.

In some other parts of the world, gold and silver are used for bartering.   The whole point of possessing gold and silver, is to park one’s funds in form of an ingot. They were never meant for generating wealth or be used in investment.

Back to WIP, my mind had shifted north, muse shifted east, my writing chi had went south. My characters are collectively roaring in outrage for being neglected a long time.

Oh here’s what others are up to.


4 thoughts on “I am back, Sunday ROW80 check-in.

  1. Interesting bg about bitcoin (of which I know very little). I was taken aback to realize just this week that when we create an audio book, most of the listeners will be using their computers or tablets and not a CD player! So the technology changes, but as you point out, bartering remains. I wonder what your characters are up to . . . and when!

    • Audiobooks come in file formats. It’s amazing how fast technology came about. People play music via iPod, iPhone, smartphones, computers, tablets and itty bitty devices that was once MP3 players. People say that the computer is dead, but I beg to differ. Why would I write a draft on a small device, when I can use a netbook like device, a laptop, or good ole desktop.
      Bitcoin is mainly targeted by hackers and several unsavoury elite. Bitcoin is illegal in countries such as Russia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela. And according to what I had read and heard, it can be stolen, via malware.
      Although I am no expert in such things. A lowly 1oz gold bar or coin can be easily faked, likewise a same thing with 1oz silver bar and coin. And fakes are hard to distinguish from the actual goodies. In my opinion it’s a dishonourable way of doing business, passing off fake stuff.
      Bartering it an old practice, fur trade took place in a country before it was called Canada. First Nation trappers traded fur for goods.
      I think bartering would take place in my characters world.

  2. The electronic standard had been around for a time now. That’s a sad truth that most people don’t like to admit. We haven’t had solid metal backing up our paper cash for years, and now… most money is made in transfers, not in the value of the exchanged items, but in the duration of money exchange.

    It’s a fascinating, and frightening, system.

    Now go forth and use this in a story! It could be a great plot complication.

  3. Glad that you are back to your blog and willing to share the information you have been researching. I can completely go down a rabbit of research when I look into something new. But as Eden mentioned, now it is time to write about it!

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