My late mid-week check in ahoy there

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late midweek of ROW80 A Round of Word in 80 days. I must admit my had stalled again since Monday. I hit a snag, the screen of my laptop is damaged, flickering. But rather than chucking a functioning laptop. I ordered a monitor, HDMI cable and wireless keyboard. It should take about The upside, I reinstalled Linux on my old Toshiba laptop to somewhat agreeable usage, my scrivener files weren’t lost. Besides upgrade of my Internet, I got windows scrivener installed on Linux.

I held off watching YouTube and Netflix for after burning through 4.79GB. But realized that this April 11 to May 12 is the current cycle of 89.95 a month. So I will pay my current bill later.

Anyways back to writing. Anyways, it felt I neglected in responding to the other two. Meegwich, thanks for stopping by and offer a subtle nudge to write. As Chris and Eden both mentioned, it’s better to work on it and see where it leads. Who knows what’s in store for the FMC and MC. I must get back to writing, unless my muse had been moonlighting again.

The disadvantages of researching online is limited and watered down material.

Check out other writers have been clicking away.


3 thoughts on “My late mid-week check in ahoy there

    • Thanks for sentiment, much needed for the writing front. Yeah it stinks that laptop screen, webcam and wireless are kaput. But the laptop still works. Though I make due.

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