laptop update, man o man

Well, I have bad news, my webcam is damaged, ditto for my wireless laptop. I decided not to order a screen replacement. It’s not the software issue, but I might end up buying another laptop. Regarding my scrivener software, it works on my Linux.

Rather than risking more damage, I will leave it alone. I ordered a monitor, a wireless keyboard, and a webcam, hdmi cable, and usb 3.0 hub. To continue on writing with scrivener. I plan to get several external hard drives, more usb flash drives. Cloud storage is finicky, never use google drive in storing scrivener files. Google drive would corrupt your scrivener files.

I’m going have to move things around to make sure nothing drops on my upcoming monitor.

While at northern store, I inquired about available of my laptops, one of my cousin’s son told me that they have been waiting for their arrival since December 2015.

I received a call from Shoukat the tech/teacher, after taking a look at my computer, he said that its gone. He offered to trade up my computer for four hundred fifty dollars. But he offered to sell a spare laptop for five hundred dollars. I don’t know if its the earlier version of windows 8.1 or windows 8.0.

I would be pleased if windows 8.1 laptop arrived. From the looks of windows 10, it doesn’t look nice in my eyes.


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