My ROW80 Sunday Check-in

row80logocopyThis is my ROW80 check-in for Sunday May 15, 2016. Nothing has been written. I may have to create a blank scrivener project. But the upside, my upgrade internet help me to streamline with prowriting aid. Copy and paste on to online editor make adjustments accordingly.

For now, I’m using Libre Office to compose this blog.

Speaking of which, when my monitor, HDMI cable, USB 3.0 port hub, webcam and wireless keyboard. I would use my old windows 8.1 laptop until I order another one. When I order another laptop, the monitor will be useful.

Anyways back to writing, I’m glad that Ronnie, an elderly gent with parkinson disease said that I made a good choice in going with ProWriing Aid. He’s right.

And I made switch back to scrivener again. A few things to do, and so many words to type.

Under no circumstances use google drive to back up your scrivener projects. And a warning from me never use google drive. Otherwise it would corrupt your scriv documents. The only time I would use Google Drive is for basic documents, such as Libre Office Docs, Word Perfect Docs or MS Docs. When I want to save my stuff online, I compile to ODF or RTF. I stashed my scrivener projects in USB flash drives, more than three flash drives.

Check out other writers.


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