Ahoy there, ROW80 check in indeed

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late ROW80 check-in for May 22, 2016. I almost forgot that it’s Sunday. One of my online friends, Frank is starting small publishing company. So I will get back to writing.

While Googling online, my mind was pinging back and forth regarding the current WIP. As for my other WIP, they’re still in the back burner once again.

Good news, my monitor, USB 3.0 port hub, wireless keyboard and HDMI cable had arrived a few days ago. My computer still works why chuck the laptop away while it’s still good.

Back to writing, I did more research on several topics. One of them, gold and silver. Selling gold and silver in bars is close to impossible, with or without tracking number. Plopping a single gold bar on counter would raise questions. Precious metals in small sticks and 100 gram are easily traded or sold. I don’t know about 10 Tola gold bar. It’s possible.

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4 thoughts on “Ahoy there, ROW80 check in indeed

  1. Ah, research. I was researching the proper names for male and female swans (cob and pen, as it happens,) and various things in Swahili this week. I’ve often said people would be shocked if they read my research links without knowing why I was doing the research.

    Congratulations on your new gear, and the new focus on your writing.

    • Yeah, its quite interesting where rabbit trail leads. I’ve often said that the internet is filled with treasure trove of information.
      Thanks, yeah though WIFI hardware is dead. I converted the laptop to a desktop. And I think I have my writing mojo back.

  2. It’s interesting to know the various limits on physical currencies. Though we actually haven’t been running on a gold standard for decades here in the US, I’ve often wondered what would happen if I actually went to the Federal Reserve bank with the few gold and silver certificates I have (remember when they used to color-code bills red or blue as to which hard currency they were backed by?) and asked to be given the amount in gold/silver stated on the bills.

    I’m sure I’d lose money! The rarity of the “certificates” as opposed to the actual dollar value of the metals means I’d been better off trying to sell to a fellow collector for more of this fake electronic currency we all use but pretend we don’t.

    But supposedly it SHOULD work too. Hmm.. something else to research. 😀

    • Thanks for stopping by. Precious metals weren’t meant as investment, but rather parking one’s wealth. I don’t know about gold and silver certificates though they look like fancy paper. I think they’re worthless. I will have research on it.
      As for Bitcoin aka crypto-currency, no thank you, I don’t trust it.

      Anyways, just this year Canada got rid of its gold reserve. Of which, it was a stupid move.

      Owning physical precious metal has its dangers, vulnerable to theft is one. I remember reading about some lady who buried her gold or silver coins in her backyard. When she returned home, she found that someone had taken her stash. Certain groups have no honour.

      Then there are fake gold/silver coins, bars and strips. Pretty good fakes, even a gold coin can be faked. I won’t buy precious metals from eBay.

      In First nation communities, gold and silver is useless. Various items can be sold. People here in my hometown, won’t know what to do with the precious metals.

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