I’m back, ahoy there ROW80ers

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late ROW80 check in for August 17, 2016. My goodness it’s almost end of round three, well half way there. Time has flown by quickly.

My writing had stalled, though there had been spurts of words appearing on my document. And my blog is somewhat behind.

I researched online on subjects I find interesting. Did you know that when a person is under major demonic possession. His or her features often change or twist, eyes become jet black with no white. And the possessed individual in question often snarl or let out throaty inhuman growl.

And several theories about fairies being the 200 million men army mentioned in the passage of the bible. Jet black eyes, hair of that of women, male faces, teeth like lions, and scorpion stingers on the end of their tails, wings as thundering hooves in battle.

That last part piqued my curiosity once more. After looking up youtube videos, I found something interesting. Humming bird’s wings. That the wings of the tiny critter sounds like a mini version of a weed whacker.

I must get back to writing, and check out the other ROWers. Chow


5 thoughts on “I’m back, ahoy there ROW80ers

  1. Ah, research! I may have an obsession with absinthe spoons because of research…..

    But it’s easy to get lost in there – so I’ve learned to do the minimum necessary for a first draft, saving the rest for after I have a revision plan and have a more specific idea of what’s needed, because, otherwise, I’d never be able to stop, and, you know, write.

    Which I haven’t done so much of either, just lately, because I’ve been dealing with a lot of administrative stuff. I’m getting closer to done with that, though, so maybe I’ll be picking up those wordcounts soon! =D

    Good to see you back, Barry! =D

    • Thanks. Yeah life has its moods. I hope things would mellow out for you.
      Indeed its good to do the necessary stuff for a first draft and than tweak it afterwards. 😉 I’m sitting here drinking coffee and relaxing.

  2. I really should collaborate on a writing project with my hubby. He loves research. It’s not really my thing. Mind you, podcasts and videos have helped with that. Although I love to read, I struggle with digging through reams of info to find that one hidden gem. All the best with your research and writing.

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