mid week checkin

row80logocopyThis is my late ROW80 check in for Wednesday August 24, 2016. Good crap, it has been a while since I wrote in this blog. I missed the Sunday Check-in. The finish line of Round three of A Round of Worlds in 80 days is close at hand.

I remember reading somewhere, stating to make every word count, stitch and weave. Well paraphrasing it on my part. Writing has been sparse in these past months, occasional spurt of words appearing in documents. I have been seriously considering in writing Novellas, it’s not surprising that George R R Martin’s Game of Thrones is novellas string together as one book, Several people had suggested that I go in that route. Who knows? The novella can become a full-length novel and so forth. Helen and Darlene had tried to nudge to write novellas and short stories. Rather than twiddling my thumbs and angering my muse. I should get cracking.

All right, a quick detour, I had a slight hiccup with my laptop. After resetting my laptop to original factory default settings, I sat patiently until 5:30AM. After waking up around 7AM, my laptop in sleep mode. The results are less desired, so its second time around. Once that updates are installed, I would wait until tomorrow to play watch YouTube Videos. In the meantime, it would be typing away and blogging away offline without my favourite document processor, scrivener and Libre Office. And no music and videos until everything is update. But the downside, it had taken eight hours for the updates to be completed. However, I recovered one of my activation licenses for scrivener. Giving me about two activation.

On my top list of things to purchase in random order. Footwear, dog food, external hard drive and a few other things. Even though my hydro bill arrived late this August. I was pleasantly surprised that my hydro bill is 68.73. As the climate and weather mood changes, it would be frosty in the mornings and at night time. And soon I would harvest dried grass for my dog’s bedding for cold winter months. Good thing that there’s some dried grass that I gathered spring Late August of 2016. It would hold him until when it becomes cold. Some folks use spruce boughs to keep their dogs

Back to writing. As others had mention give characters clay feet, don’t make them too powerful. As a friend once said, make the character hard to kill, rather than making the antagonist invincible.

here’s the other ROWers.


3 thoughts on “mid week checkin

  1. I’d sleep on a bed of spruce boughs! Our dog, however, rests his aged bones on the cedar chest at the end of our bed. He’s a Mama’s boy, so needs to be close to me. I don’t think he’s ever figured out that he was adopted.
    Hope your updates go smoothly. I had a Windows 10 update yesterday that took some time. I was nervous that it would muck something up, but it seems to have gone off without a hitch.

    • The updates went smoothly; it took a whole day. Composing ROW80 check-in by longhand and by classic text document via windows, while waiting for the sucker to be done. The updates were faster than my previous internet connection.

      I’m glad that there were no errors with your machine after it received windows 10 update. I stayed with windows 8.1, rather that taking any chances.

      When I had windows 8 laptop upgrading to windows 8.1 was a nightmare. Three days for downloading windows 8.1 update. It would freeze whenever I restart my laptop. Tech at Acer told me click on modify when after when I downloaded updated wireless LAN with blue tooth drivers.

      Yeah spruce boughs are good for keeping dogs comfortable and less snow to form into ice. What I may do this winter make a bedding out of spruce bough, in the centre it would place grass bedding.

      Dogs are tuned in to their owners, especially adopted pooches. My dog’s ears prick up when something is up.

      • My 14 year old upgraded to Windows 10 – and went right back to 8.1. He’s a gamer, and it messed with his games, and that was NOT OK with him!

        In my case, I’m mostly blogging and writing, using LibreOffice and Scrivener, so the upgrade made everything more streamlined and simpler to use.

        Having our internet go out for a day meant that I shifted to non-online stuff for a bit, but that was all right.

        Enjoy the rest of your week!

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