My midweek check in, bah bah, yeah

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late check in for Wednesday August 31, 2016. I missed Sunday’s check in, no surprise there. I figured that it’s a good time to compose blog via Google docs. But the downside of Google Docs is the Voice Typing. Words come out different whenever I flapped my tongue. Buggy as hell, and my internet is not one hundred percent aka internet outage.

A quick recap. Sometime around April of 2016, an online friend of mine has started a publishing company called Northern Voices Publications. He offered to publish me when I finish my WIP. I think I may get a short story written and publish with him, to get my feet while I continue writing.

All right back to writing. I haven’t research on World War Two and World War One. But WWII was one of the dangerous eras of human history, the Nazis and the Axis had almost won.

Another of my online friend had once stated that I should pull back my story to nineteen twenties or even nineteen seventy. I figured it might be worth experimenting it. It’s going to take some readjustment. But I don’t to write a fan-fiction from my own WIP.

correction: I don’t want to write fan-fiction from my own WIP

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10 thoughts on “My midweek check in, bah bah, yeah

  1. If this helps in any way, you can’t be late. It’s only 9pm on the west coast. And if you were in Hawaii . . . you’d probably be looking for shelter from the story and not worrying about writing. Or publication. Or even fans. Dive back in your own story and keep writing!

  2. Been doing way too much war research lately… I will bite my tongue and not say anything more than “get writing” (can’t publish a blank page… well, not without a bunch of other scribbled on ones).

    Late only matters if you can’t get into the linky. You made it. All is well.

    • Research is a necessary evil. Yeah I should get to it aka writing. 😉 🙂
      I see, you’ve been researching as well.
      How are things over there in your nick of woods. The weather is cooling down, drinking tea and coffee.

      • Things are cooling down… may have to burn books and research to keep warm (okay, not really). Been studying a lot on war syndromes in the past century… a LOT of reading and processing there.

        Keep well, keep writing… and get that short story finished so you can publish it. 🙂

      • Cold weather is the pits, trust me, cold wind sliding down your neck and back, not cool. Cost of dry fire wood hasn’t gone up yet, and there’s the baseboard heaters that would keep me warm -ish.
        Will do, thanks for the boost of confidence. 🙂 May your writing journey be fruitful and multiply 😛 🙂

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