Ahoy there maties, my mid week check in

row80logocopyHere’s my ROW80 check in of September 4, 2016. I haven’t written anything since my last Wednesday ROW80 check-in. Research has been sporadic. On some news, I picked up a self published ebook from kindle and several books from different sources.

Going off topic. There are many vampire novels written, but I’m certain that someone can write a tale about an evil tree, a lamia, a demonic entity. A fallen angel can manifest as a man or a woman. Angelic beings are referred to sons of God. there are novels that feature fallen angels. A demonic entity in physical form is a nasty sucker, while a lamia can kill the unfortunate individual, she can present herself as an attractive woman or something out of horror survival video game. People say that staring directly at a demon and a demonic entity can turn a person’s hair to shade of alabaster.

Back to where I was, not much has been happening in my noggin. I glanced on what I had scribbled in my notebook, writing is cramped, I really need to get more notebooks. But I don’t have access to dollarama and WalMart store, price of stationary sold on Amazon and other online retailers is frigging outrageous. Ten dollars for a flimsy thin notebook, no thank you. My hometown is accessible by plane only, and a plane ticket cost an arm and leg one way from here to Timmins, Ontario. Everything is expensive locally thanks to fuel and shipping costs.

Dave, once told me to go on self publishing route, rather than traditional route.

This has been my check in, hope to see you again, and here’s the other ROW80ers.


12 thoughts on “Ahoy there maties, my mid week check in

  1. I was going to go trad until it dawned on me that with my health issues, making deadlines would be tough, and if I self=published, I’d have more wiggle room. That’s definitely a plus. But it’s a personal decision that only you can make.

  2. Some interesting ideas there about alternatives to vampire stories. I really ought to do more research on the possibilities. Very inspiring.

    Sorry to hear about your paper shortage. I would hate being in that situation too. I hope you get some relief soon.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Yeah there are some interesting alternatives to vampires stories, best of luck to your writing journey. 😉
      With notebooks and writing pads a tad expensive, there’s the document processor and word processor for our writing needs. LibreOffice, MS Office, Word Perfect, scrivener, google docs and several other goodies.
      Things are mellow, I mostly go to the coffee shop to buy a cup of coffee to occasionally catch some tidbit of info.

  3. I have an idea….does mail get to you by plane? Maybe some of us ROWers could send you notebooks! Although we homeschool, it is back to school season here, and notebooks can be had for cheap. Might be worth telling folks with access to things you need but can’t get what you’re looking for. =D

    • Thanks that mighty generous of you. Everything comes in by mail, while dangerous good come by barge.
      yeah food for thought. 🙂
      They say going paperless is sacrilegious :O 😛 cue the collective gasp of other writers who write the old way 😉

      • I don’t think either way is better or worse inherently; it’s what fits the situation and the writer. I use both.

        I’ll be out tomorrow, and I’ll grab a few notebooks I can send out to you. It should keep you going for a while, anyway!

  4. One writes as best suits his/her own needs… though, if you need notebooks, we’d be happy to send you a few. I’m sure we could get you a case of the things. Book rate postage isn’t THAT expensive. Though I imagine different bindings could be an issue…

    I’d LOVE a good lamia tale too. Go for it!

    • Thanks 🙂 Life is a little bumpy regardless where you’re at.
      Yeah, there are a lot of stuff that a person can do with a lamia in a tale.
      Writing is an interesting journey, with hiccups and bumps. Sometimes you can hear one’s muse snoring in the background. When the keyboards start clicking, or scribbling noise om paper the muse awakes, saying “It’s about time.”

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