My late midweek ROW80 check in

This my late mid week ROW80 check in and I’m running late. Aside from blogging and reading, I haven’t been writing. But I have been googling online. Looking for tidbit of random juicy information to fuel my imagination.

Folks online are generous when the ladies offered to mail notebooks after that I mentioned notebooks prices are outrageous. The offer is genuine, and it brought a smile to my face.

Just this afternoon after my HP laptop downloaded and installed an update. My Google Chrome became wonky, “aw snap” is on every page, even on settings page. I figured out something after doing a mental Kabuki theatre. Presto, my Google Chrome works. Sometimes you need to restart your computer the second time after the updates shimmy their way through the computer. The upside, I can use this damn browser for netflix, google docs and youtube. It pays to have several browsers, I use firefox and Google Chrome.

Back to my random musings. Depending on your mood, sometimes you need to add a touch of inanity in your WIP. Sasquatch walks out of the woods, stops and stares at you, saying. “Damn nosy of you.” And continues on walking.

Or another one, a man answers his mobile, a man with demonic laughter, cackling away. “Um, I need that recipe,” and he receives, a text, HA! HEE!! HO! And the dude switches to chitchat on phone, the man on the other line laughs hysterically in demonic fashion. “Okay-” The phone disconnects, the dude shudders. “Damn evil jolly son of a bitch!”
Anyways check out the other ROWers.


7 thoughts on “My late midweek ROW80 check in

  1. LOL I think that would be exactly what Sasquatch would say… at least in my own chaotic edge of the universe, he would.
    As for the notebooks… The big thing holding that offer up is knowing what kind you’d prefer and where to send them (if you don’t want to give away your actual address, I THINK most post offices still allow “General Delivery” mail to the counter in a person’s name…. you’d have to check on that). Let us know

  2. I like those bits and pieces. I will be headed to town on Tuesday, and will grab you up some notebooks. O you prefer college or wide-ruled? It’ll be fun to send you some paper gold!

  3. Alas, arthritis has limited my notebook days, but, luckily, the keyboard beckons and my fingers fly, words on ‘virtual’ paper the result. Sometimes we need to edge around the bigger story challenge, inching up on it with short sorties, a word here or there, Sasquatch, a random telephone call, and, yes, an evil, snarky laugh. Even if I’m late, have a good week next week!

    • Don’t forget writer’s cramp, it afflicts those who have the love of scribbling on paper. Yeah, the upside of keyboard is that one can write a lot of stuff and stash documents in various places, in hard copy format including several USB flash drives so one wouldn’t lose his/her stories and tales.
      WHo knows what tale can sprout from one’s imagination or sometimes dreams.
      Thanks for the sentiment. 😉 I hope your week would be mellow as well.

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