My Sunday check-in, redo, oh boy indeed

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late Sunday check in for Sunday September 11, 2016 and I am a day late once again. ROW80 round three. September 22, 2016, is at hand. I will continue posting link to blog for my ROW80 check ins, even though we ROW80ers will lurk around at ROW80 Facebook group. But there’s plenty of time left to mess around and type away.

I’m going off topic, a city and a town are two different things. A Rez aka First Nation Reserve differs from a small town, for starters its less restrictive. A person can push out loaf in the in the bushes, but be forewarned your dog will roll on it, after taking a whiff of one’s turd. My hometown, I live in is safe and quiet, though there are issues with break-ins, theft and arson. Occasional wildlife, such bears, polar bears and wolves lurking in the outskirts. Occasionally, a bear will waltz into town and that’s when dogs will howl and bark. Dog’s are not fond of bears, especially black bears. In winter time, wolves would stroll into town for pooch booty, ergo half-wolf breeds.

Aboriginal dog owners sometimes take precautions in protecting their four-legged friends from wolves, by letting them ride shotgun.

All right back to business at hand. My writing had trickled, a few drops of words. My mind has been rattling about. As a saying goes, you can’t please everyone. Of which is true and a cliche. Trying too hard to be inclusive in writing will be tedious. Real tedious. It’s like playing a game of catch with fifty pound parcels. Dropping it means instant disqualification. A simple advice is let the words flow and everything will drop into place.

The beauty of writing is that you can do anything. Write an interesting character and have him/her snuffed out.

Anyways check out other ROW80ers.


8 thoughts on “My Sunday check-in, redo, oh boy indeed

  1. My characters will sometimes start talking to one another and let me listen in. Recent conversations included a Vulcan bubble-popper, and a young woman in dire need of a rake. Oh, and multiples of four when giving estimates of how long something might take.

    I didn’t.say these conversaations would make sense, did I? =)

    I’ll be notebook shopping today….and I’d love to know more about your part of the world. I’m fascinated by the far north.

    • The inanity of writing, chit chats between characters. I should try that out, instead of being a tad uptight. Winks. The result, fruit, lots of fruit.
      Yeah characters have minds of their own.
      Thanks, yeah though the town maybe a bit too quiet at times. Rez life has it charm. On occasion I check out bake sales, of which roast goose with mashed taters is sold, along with bannock and other goodies. And there’s a coffee shop aka Nates, of which is a glorified large shack built from ground up. Nates is basically self serve when it comes to buying a cup of coffee, the corner shack also sells soda pop, junk food and occasional breakfast sandwiches.
      I recommend in making indian bannock and indian tacos. Here are the two links.
      and another is from sweet ole lady

      • I met my Accomplice when we were both working at the Grand Canyon, and we spent some time on both the Navajo and Havasupai Reservations (Northern Arizona). One of the highlights was stopping for Indian tacos – so yummy. It’s been years, but I can still taste them.)

        My characters don’t want to be quiet, and I don’t want them to…they’re very interesting people.

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