My midweek checkin – ahoy there again

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late check in for Wednesday September 21st 2016. I have written little although I remembered a few things that my father told me. I will mention it later on and revisit the subject.

Anyways according to our chief ROW80er, we will link our blogs via facebook group ROW80. NO more linking blogs to linky. But the main ROW80 blog won’t disappear, it will be static. Some of us old schoolers will continue posting blogs. And you’ll continue to hear well read my ramblings on this digital realm.

All right, on to some juicier stuff.

There are terrifying aspects to the monstrous hairy giant, a bigger and nastier version of sasquatch. Sasquatch is pipsqueak compared to the cannibalistic demon.

Some Cree elders say it bit off its own fingertips and lips. Giving it a gruesome countenance to behold.

Encountering it usually ends in death, once you hear its slow rhythmic heartbeat, following the awful stench. You’ll feel an overwhelming sense of terror when it’s nearby.

When creature blows on a person’s face, the victim forgets the encounter. But when an individual encounter it again, the pure terror and mixture of the memory would be his last.

There are two ways that the beast kills, either decapitation or by shrieking. When the fiend shrieks, everyone drops dead. I mean, literally everyone drops dead. It collects victims going house to house and eat them on the spot by tearing off limbs.

I doubt that it’s a wendigo. Stranger things had happened in this world. People can and became literal demons. That will be another topic.

See ya next round.


6 thoughts on “My midweek checkin – ahoy there again

  1. Oh, I hadn’t realized about the move to Facebook, but I guess Kait’s waiting until the end of the round to spring it on anyone who isn’t there yet.

    “When creature blows on a person’s face, the victim forgets the encounter.” Yeesh.

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