Ahoy there Fellow ROw80ers, I’m back

row80logocopyWell this is the start of ROW80 Round Four and I am late again, with a new game. Now we ROW80ers are checking in via Facebook, jumping up and down, arms waving, saying “Oh, pick me, pick me.” And so I will cram my ROW80 goals with my check-in.

  • Prepare for NaNo. And NaNo is just around the corner glaring at me.
  • Continue tweeting.
  • Work on random stories. I have several ideas I want to play with.
  • Work on several my old WIP that I have neglected.
  • Read the passage trilogy by Justin Cronin, Legion: Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson, Stained by Blood (A murder investigation) by Douglas J. Hagmann, reread Dreamcatcher by Stephen King, and Ghost in the Machine (The Sphere Cycle book 1) by Kayla Hoyet.
    On to my check-in, I prepared scrivener project (NaNo Random P), for I plan to write two or more stories.

The Internet has a treasure of both useful and useless information. Though I haven’t written a single lick of word.

On some lighter side, instead of singing “I’m every woman.” I will be singing, “I’m every weirdo.” And a few other things.


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