Back again, a sad note and random stuff.

ROW80LogocopyJust another ROW80 check-in Sunday October 9, 2016 and I am a day late. 2016 is an interesting year with bumps and hiccups.

I would like a moment to remember a late good friend of mine. A cool dude who had long bout of illness, you’ll be missed by everyone you chatted online. I will post a late memorial on my blog.

  • All right, on to ROW80 check-in business.
  • Reading the Passage by Justin Cronin. It’s coming along nicely.
  • Writing is oozing along.
  • Lagging behind on my tweeting

I was chatting with Lisa in chatzy room about which time frame the main character hails from, a few other ladies in the room got the gist where I am heading with the story.


10 thoughts on “Back again, a sad note and random stuff.

  1. oozing is a delicious word and sums up writing at times so well:) sorry about your friend I lost a member of my writing group this summer and it feels strange without her.

  2. I don’t do so well with consistent tweeting – I’m more the hit-and-run type, when I remember. Fortunately, the people I chat with most often get that about me. =)

    Grieving with you for the loss of your friend. May that oozing writing pick up steam and offer solace in this difficult time.

    • I’m pathetic in keeping up with tweets. I’m more of an ole school.
      Thanks, he was a decent fellow and good editor. Yeah, writing has some benefits, it keeps a person mind sharp. Also I was told that when someone angers a writer he or she ends up as a character, only to being killed off in the end. Of which is one of the interesting methods of therapy.

      • I tend to take bits and pieces of everything. I’m not vengeful, even when I’m angry, so I don’t usually do that, or not exactly. A character or two who was going to die sometimes gets traits from someone with whom I’ve had friction, though. And the ending can be a bit – uh, dramatic. =)

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