My Midweek check-in, oh dear

row80logocopyThis is my afternoon check-in for Wednesday October 12, 2016. I admit that I haven’t been writing as I should. But discussion and pinging ideas back and forth my writing ooze once more.

  • Reading the passage by Justin Cronin is coming along nice and slow.
  • Created a diverging story from my WIP it’s still in the note stage via steno book, of which the diverging tale would probably standalone or a short story. As a friend says, don’t plan too much on the story.
  • Still lagging on my tweeting.
  • Will continue to work on several of my original WIPs.

I was pleasantly surprised that six composition notebooks were also included with other notebooks. One edge of one notebook is a bit wrinkled, but no matter I will use it first.
I used one of my two remaining steno books which I had saved since 6 years ago. I wonder how this new diverging tale would look.

Not too many moons ago, I was told to age up the main character from 16 to 21. Ergo I aged him up to 18. As my FB friend had said, it would be considered as child porn, even though the male is 16 and the chick is 20 to 38, when they go at it. Chow for now.


9 thoughts on “My Midweek check-in, oh dear

  1. I loved the Karate Kid! Muscle memory rocks! 🙂 I’m glad to hear you’re writing is moving again. That’s great! I had to give myself a pass yesterday from just about everything. I went walking with my sister-in-law yesterday morning, and it wiped me out for the whole rest of the day. I’m going walking again tomorrow morning, and I’ll need to inform her of this consequence. We may need to do only 3 days a week for more than 1 week! I need time to build up to doing it every day, just like I need to build up in October to writing every day, for November. NaNo, here I come!

    • Yeah, Karate Kid is a movie, I liked part one and two, but didn’t have the feel for part three. Writing is oozing its way through, snatching my leg leg, hissing in a gravelly voice. “We’re not done yet.” Growling while I’m shaking it off.
      Moving about is good, but sorry to hear that your strength was zapped. Sometimes life can be tedious at times. Give my regards to your sister in-law.
      Gathering up your writing mojo and a crazed muse for this upcoming round of NaNoWriMo. Eyes narrowing in menacing manner, glaring at one of the characters of whom to pop, whack and snuff.

  2. Happy you have notebooks again (there might have been a couple more, but a certain girl who lives with me and wanted the extra bubble wrap claimed the purple ones and began practicing writing in WingDings….

    May the writing, and the ink, flow!

    • Thanks for the fourteen notebooks, fourteen is plenty. I will start scribbling on them, and use the composition note books with reverence. 😛
      The package had been opened from the bottom, clear tape used to patch it close. At least nothing was taken. Unless the Federal Government considers paper stationary as tools of subversion and terrorism.
      Nothing wrong with girls getting dibs purply and mocha notebooks. I’m more of the earth tone and drab type of fellow.
      May the creative flow from your finger tips unto your blank document.

      • I actually put the box together and taped it at the PO. I didn’t happen to have anything lying around, so bought it there.

        I actually had to fill out a customs form and testify that they weren’t dangerous (as I’m wondering about paper cuts and spiral wire turned into garottes, because writer!)

        May your pages not stay blank for long, just as my many many open documents don’t. =D

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