My midweek check, boy I’m late

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late midweek check-in for Wednesday October 19, 2016 and it’s Thursday. To be fair, I missed Sunday’s check in due my internet outage. Well anyways on to business.

  • I still have yet to prepare for NaNo.
  • I’m getting to the good stuff on the Passage by Justin Cronin.
  • I dug up several one of my old WIP in the short story folder of my Scrivener folder.
  • I’m real behind in tweeting on twitter

While sipping hot tea, I was thinking about the female character. The FMC in one of my WIP is the older woman, while the MC is younger, ergo I had him to age him up. I used several pics as a general idea, a snapshot of the female characters. Sansa Stark from Games of Thrones, Maergery Tyrell game of thrones and one chick I can’t seem to remember her name.


4 thoughts on “My midweek check, boy I’m late

  1. Hi, Barry! At least you remembered to check in! I didn’t remember that at all. It’s been a while for me since I was actively doing ROW80, though.
    It’s good to hear that you’re doing some tweaking of your characters. It’s still writing-related!

    • Hi Tammy, Thanks, yeah sometimes we can be a bit forgetful. It’s not that different when checking in on ROW80 FB page, the same thing with our late linky.
      One female character interests me, she’s somewhat a different incarnation a previous character.

  2. Barry, you’re way ahead of me. I’ve fallen behind in posting for ROW80 entirely. Haven’t even started and am having a hard time using FB as point of entry. Sigh. But maybe that third character of yours will turn out to be the most intriguing — as she has no name. And I’m not doing NaNo . . . this year, but good luck to YOU.

    • Hey Beth, 🙂
      Yeah using FB as point of entry can be tedious at times. Some people are not used to it. I think one would get used to it. It’s not too late to start.
      Thanks, yeah I plan to work more than two WIP, ambitious though. NaNo is our on and off lover/task master.

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