Recap Mobile Network

We don’t have Major Mobile Carriers in twenty-five FN communities. All twenty-four have 3G network with data plan. With every prepaid plan, it’s a good idea to have at least 2GB and connect to Wi-Fi.

Keewaytinook Okimakanak Mobile AKA K-Net Mobile is First Nation run service provider, pay as you go. 4.00 gives you unlimited SMS/text and 12.00 monthly charge. But no data plans available in my area without the 3G network. Less than a month ago, I tested the radius of the 2G network, while walking around in the outskirts, close to two miles is decent. Considering that it’s a short hike, I had to keep my eyes out for bears, wolves and local Sasquatches. All right, the bars held to a degree.

Around this mid-morning I phoned K-Net Mobile, the secretary informed me that tests are being conducted in my hometown. From her estimation, the latest that 3G network would finally be available in this Rez would be around this December. I routinely turn off Wi-Fi on my mobile, to see if data plans are working and nothing.

After inputting my mobile number, and failed attempts to receive SMS/text from my bank. I deleted the mobile number from my profile. Left my landline home phone and email there.

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