First Check in ROW80 round 1

Ahoy there and howdy. It’s good to back writing and blogging. What are my plans for A Round of Word in 80 Days 2019? Not sure where to go on the writing journey, but at the moment, I will continue on with my current WIP.

For starters I’m on another document processor called Atomic Scribbler. It’s decent enough for blogging and writing.

My Sasquatch story had fallen flat on it face and I might pick up one of my other several unfinished WIP during this round.

A FB friend of mine suggested that I watched Darker than Black anime. The concept of paying a price of using one’s power is interesting. A common theme in several works of fiction.

3 thoughts on “First Check in ROW80 round 1

  1. Paying a price for one’s power is a common theme, partly because that’s how things are “taught” in so many writing schools, but also because it intellectually makes cultural sense to so many of us. Our own innate sense of fairness often demands those other than ourselves “pay” for things, since their having them means we cannot…. and really, we want it all for ourselves and ‘our’ peeps. 😉

    It’s a good way to add some conflict to a story too. 🙂

    I like how you’ve chosen to focus on finishing up things this year, Barry. Me too. Maybe we’ll both reach the end of 2019 and say “Yay Us!”

    • Thanks for stopping by. Indeed it does, like the sword of Damacles would add some conflict into a story.
      Who knows where the journey will take us. Also I liked the idea of strong female without the hogwash I see on TV,

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