Round one check in 1st part II

Good evening, this is my first check in for ROW80 round one. I am a bit late. My goals.

·And trying out a few new things

I haven’t been writing, though researching bore fruit. Interesting tidbits and random facts. They say that researching leads to hair raising details. Sometimes, I wish that I hadn’t gone into that rabbit trail. But then again, it leaves the weird aftertaste in one’s noggin. Conspiracy theories and facts. It made me wonder if the government and our own military would kill us civilians.

Anyways back to writing. In somewhere in my notebook, I wrote that a young girl lost her breast after someone shot her with gun. Brutal, oh yes indeed. But worth exploring.

7 thoughts on “Round one check in 1st part II

  1. Brutal things happen to people…. the story isn’t that it happened but why it happened and how the person deals with it afterward. But without conflict, without some kind of difficulty to overcome, there would be no story. You have the seed, you have your research… make it grow.

  2. Now I’m feeling for her… and wondering. Why was she shot? Was reconstructive surgery an option? How did this affect her sense of herself as a whole woman – or a woman at all? How young was she? Young enough that her breasts were still developing? Was she a wife? A mother? How did the loss affect those relationships?

    So many questions!

    It’s good to see you here again – it seems like it’s been a while, Notebook Friend!

      • Young can cover a lot of territory. I am 49 now. I see people up to 30 or so as young – when I was a child, 15 seemed old – but I have a daughter now who will be 15 next summer….

        I’d love to hear more about this young woman and her life.

  3. Funny, I always count researching as writing on my daily checklist. Because without it, would the story be able to move forward? 😉

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