Sunday Check in Round 1

Good morning and good afternoon fellow ROW80ers. This SUnday check in, and I am a day late as usual, got some things brewing in my noggin. I may have to order notebooks to scribble random stuff, save those composition notebooks for special occasions.

Long hand writing is an fading art form. Pretty soon it will be art fart code for us ladies and folks who still enjoy the tactile sensation of writing.
Digging more into the rabbit trail of conspiracy theories and facts. A weapon that can target an object a mile deep under ground and vaporized the damn thing. Pus it’s plausible and already had happened of which the corrupt politicians sold and traded American military Secrets and resources. Pre-Trump Administration era.

Anyways back to writing, my modest report of these goals.

  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Researching

My research had bore some interesting tidbits. As for the female characters, I’m heading back to Ellen Ripley from Alien and Aliens as a loose template for my female character. To me, it fits like a glove, makes the female character strong with a touch of snarkiness, rather than acting like a douche bag. And a possible female character who suffer from Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

My blog is in LibreOffice document in a Macbook air, of which I will have to import it to Atomic Scribbler.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Check in Round 1

  1. Writing by hand doesn’t HAVE to be left behind in a digital world. I use both pressed wood-pulp and my phone (it’s a Samsung Note 5) for writing… Both serve different purposes. Both work.

    What’s more likely to happen is ways to record what’s in our thoughts before I can refine them into decent prose. That will be a scary time.

    • I prefer the old style, even though my writing is cramp at times. It helps get the thoughts down, I can’t write small screens, though I tend use my pay as you go wireless carrier for chit chat and basic texting.
      We live in interesting times, at times scary.

      • I love both styles of writing… my house is filled with notebooks I’ve chicken-scratched in. But it’s nice to have the option to write into the phone too. Though, yeah, the screen IS kind of small

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