My late Sunday check in, ahoy there

This my late Sunday Check in and I’m a day late. I skipped the mid week check in.

What’s been happening since my last bog post. Not much, aside from my researching slowed to a crawl. This is my quick update and here is my tally, no words were written yet, aside from notes and random ideas being jotted down.

I tend to switch Atomic scribbler and Libre Office on two different laptops. Somewhat jarring to write from scratch on ole macbook air that was given to me in late 2018. Atomic scribbler is not available on MacOS. But I make due with what’s available.

Life has habit of tossing us to a curb. My online friend had hit two snags, she dropped her phone and the blasted thing shattered. I believe she transferred recent number to a fresh phone. And she lost her manuscripts. I’m not sure if she recovered her writings.

2 thoughts on “My late Sunday check in, ahoy there

  1. Another lesson on the importance of backups — even an e-mailed copy to yourself or (gasp) a printout! Barry, as long as you are researching, reading, and thinking, you are making progress on your writing! I read about one tip that has the writer thinking about the story right before falling asleep, sort of jump-starting ideas for a scene. May the coming week bring new words!

  2. I’ll second Beth’s suggestion that you gear your head up with a few ideas to “sleep on”… Thing is, you need the notebook or computer right there to get things down on as soon as you wake up. If you do anything else, your brain will just get on with its day and you ‘ll probably forget most of what you wanted to write.

    Sorry about your friend’s phone. It seems silly to say but it’s always good to have some kind of backup.

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