Dangers of the woke cult

If you think 2021 is bad, 2022: hold my beer. I’m not surprised anymore. The woke flake culture is a friggin dangerous sect, not only they would go after you, they would go after anyone that you associate with.

Apparently certain individuals so psychotic, so childish, so evil that they had a fit over a book that is deemed problematic and racist. The White Plague Chronicles by some dude named Gene O’Neill.

Things had gone so bad after the backlash that the Silver Shamrock Publishing closed its doors. They removed all of their digital footprint from the web. The authors who published with them, will have to find homes for their novels.

From what I was able to guess that the book is about a terrorists unleashing plague that targets Caucasian people.

In real life Gene specific bio weapons can and will mutate. Leading to “unintended consequences,” where those who had genes of Europeans in their body would get sick and die from it. Basically the book is work of fiction.

Not only that those individuals aka the woke flakes would attack the author of “problematic book” they would attack the cover art creator, the publisher and anyone associated with. Those idiots have no concept of the long term consequences. The morons view themselves as gods.

What are the long term effects of the woke flake cult? Well I would bet that other companies would close their doors. Babies would probably be murdered by those lunatics.

I’m in a agreement that the whole cancellation culture is a power trip and a flood of endorphins that serial killers, paedophiles, baby rapers, jihadis and psychotic individuals get off. I would like to add that the woke flake culture is a terrorist sect.

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