bullet points and random thoughts about pedophilia and cannibalism

Judging from the statistics, people go missing everyday. Whether it be pedophilia, harvesting of internal organs or some evil thing.

Pedophilia is a common evil in the world. The depraved minds consider blue eyed fair haired children ideal victims. It is a disturbing thought, that certain groups of people are pushing legalized sex with infants, toddlers and children. The dumbest thing that people would do is to demand more laws, rather than enforcing the existing ones.

Back to the defilement of the human body. Adrenochrome is a substance sought after by elites and various demented bastards. They harvest it from the dead victims after being terrorized and tortured, mostly small children. Women are also the ideal victims. From what I determined that it is addictive and overtime it defiles the individual. Once that his/her dark nature surfaces, it would be like looking at the eyes of the Wendigo.

It’s been said that cannibalism is a curse, to certain Christians, it is a form of judgement sent by God himself. In the days when game is scarce, cannibalism is like a seasonal cold, like an ebb and the flow of the evil tide. It’s kill or be eaten. You can’t reason with them, just fight and take flight. Eating human flesh is a taboo according to the elders of old, for good reasons. There is the foul spirit called the Wendigo and those who are afflicted with a curse.

It made sense that people who aspire to be actors, disappear once they reached hollywood. I had a chitchat with friend on the phone about this subject and the individuals who eat human flesh. According to him, it can’t be cabin fever, so something is up. I didn’t know at the time, regarding adrenochrome and how it’s harvested.


emails, laziness, quick thoughts

Writing email isn’t difficult, we live in a time where a majority of the people are lazy and with a short attention span. Thanks to the crappy education in the Western world. Kids need to be taught cursive writing, Roman numerals, philosophy and the basics. The world isn’t pixie dust and cupcakes, nature is a brutal mistress.

How the heck can it be so difficult to write an email? When writing a draft for something, whether it’s an email, a blog or a story, I prefer no distractions. Among the reasons why I like yWriter, it offers distraction-free environment when typing out words.

I will continue using LibreOffice to compose emails, blogs and WIP. Just turn automatic spell checking and go from there. Exercise that mind and let things fall into place.

Back once again

Okay, with the internet still down, you will have to forgive my grammars errors along with other things. I am unable to use my prowritingaid online editor. I love using plagiarism checker, not perfect but it’s useful.

I set up my sacrificial Gmail account. So to keep tabs on what is happening in the online world. But that’s not important right now.

I am planning to get smartphones for my friend and her husband. But she will still refuse, according to common sense, smartphones make people Dumber and hackers would go after smart devices and mobile devices. And my friend is living on a shoestring budget, two Grand a month in US is below the poverty line.

We are in the post smartphone era, an era of augmented reality. Of which it will be difficult to distinguish from CGI and reality.

I’ve heard that 7g Network coming down the river. It would take about two years 5G to be implemented all over Canada.

Internet problems and other things and update

All right here’s the deal. My internet is unstable, according to my internet provider Xittel, the connectivity and capping problems. That they could either upgrade the main antenna or construct another Tower so to stabilize the internet.

My cell Network doesn’t have 3G and data plans, my mobile was able to connect through Wi-Fi. Knet mobile cell provider told me that they are working on getting 3-g Network. But it will be in a year.

I am hoping that I would get 3-g this summer or before the year’s end. Once 3G is up I will use two-factor Authentication or two Factor verification. But I will have to get a different prepaid sim card if I were to travel to moosonee or Timmins, Ontario. Either by Bell Canada or Rogers, but that would cause me some problems. We will still use passwords as single authentication method.

As I am dictating this blog post via my mobile. I don’t know what the future will hold, if I will be able to get to do login to all my accounts without two-factor Authentication. If I am unable to login it means that they set up a new standard of which that would inconvenience a large segment of the population. A friend of mine said that passwords would not disappear, people trust passwords. Not everyone has a smartphone, adding to the factor of money being tight and unable to acquire the said devices along with Mobile plans and contract, even though it’s prepaid AKA pay as you go.

Going off topic, those devices dangerous when you’re out and about, people are glued to their devices they don’t pay attention to where they are going or walking. I don’t text and walk especially when in the First Nations Reserve.

To be truthful, even though passwords are difficult to kill, as my friend believed. Two-factor verification will still be optional, I believe. So people readers post will not panic remember Don’t Panic buying and don’t panic into doing things.

But I can’t afford a password manager and there’s no word when the data plans that will be available in Attawapiskat First Nation. Then again, I could ask them again.

Again, if I disappear abruptly and unable to login to this account among others without passwords alone. I think that we the users are being grandfathered in to using two-factor verification as default, not any time soon. But but remember don’t panic into doing anything.

Rez dog and rez dog life

In a Rez, always carry a stick or a staff with you, when outside of town don’t show any fear or aggression. Usually the wandering dogs will leave you alone. Throwing rocks at a dog is a bad idea. The dog will remember that sting and come after you. Strays and wandering dogs are two different breeds. The wandering dogs have homes and visiting other four legged lurkers.

Rez dogs will kill their rivals either by asphyxiation, ganging up on him/her, drowning the pooch in the ditch, or injuring him/her badly.

Off reserve dog get a crash course lesson on Rez life. Kids harassing chained up dogs, having to deal with other dogs. Then there’s the issue of wolves coming to town.

When a dog mauls someone, he or she is put down. There’s an interesting story about some hoodlum who messed with the wrong dog. When the pooch had enough, he broke free from his chain, chased that idiot to his house. When the cop tried to get him off his attacker, the dog attacked the cop and subsequently got taken out via lead injection.

quick post and random thoughts

Sped got booted out of his box hut by another dog. He wasn’t violent, just sneaked his way in there. My dog wasn’t a happy camper. Pine boughs and dried grass inside, to keep him off the cold floor during the winter time.

I haven’t been writing, but rather researching a lot of things. The trends are disturbing.
After finished reading Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews. I liked how the recipes are included after each end of every chapter. The reason why I picked the book, is due to my current WIP sitting in the back burner or the memory vault. I will have to reread earlier Jason Bourne novels.

Now my next reading material is Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy, a fantasy/horror/science fiction novel.

Quick thought about polar bears, random and bigfoot

The bush is a dangerous place for a lone hiker. In the outskirts of the Rez, I have to be cautious polar bears, bears, and wolves. I always carry a staff and a knife around in the bush. But I don’t smack the dogs while in town.

My father told me, if you see a polar bear from a distance, don’t make sudden movements, don’t run, back away slowly. Don’t let it see you. If the wind is blowing in your direction, the better your chances of getting away.

Polar bears stalk and prey on humans. The wind can either betray or mask you. Animals have a keen sense of smell. Regardless what people believe, animals are not stupid creatures. Wear drab or earth tone colours, don’t wear bright colours or red, when you’re in the bush.

Whether you believe believe that Sasquatch beings exist. You should be aware that there are various type of creatures in this world, some of which are meaner and nastier than Sasquatch.

Dangerous type of bigfoot is the Gugwe aka Genoskwa. They hunt in groups, known to bite off human faces and carry the victims off.

A regular Sasquatch can toss a large boulder at great distance, killing the target in an instant. Female Sasquatches are not permitted to wander about alone. They’re breeding stock and to prevent other males from snatching them.

thinking about ordering dogfood

All right, while I wait for the power and the internet to come back on.  I am considering in ordering kibble from Walmart. The type of kibble that made my dog’s turd less stinky, was Actr1um, it had been years since I made an order.

16kg bag of kibble sounds all right, but I will have to order other items. The last time I ordered that size, the bag was hefty. I had to use a wheel barrow. Thirty-five pounds sounds good enough, but kibble going rancid got me concerned.

With HST, shipping and handling adding to the expense. To be stingy, a 7kg might be doable, it may last less, but I could squeeze funds for other items. With choices to make, so little time.


About bigfoot

I don’t trust the woods, especially when the moon illuminates the entire land.

Bigfoot not only migrates, they go underground to the subterranean caverns, through the waters, to where it’s stony and warm. You can’t go where the Bigfeet congregates, no one can, either you would suffer from heart palpitations, die from terror or from shock. In the winter time they rarely move about.

Even though the Sasquatch leave us alone. They are known to eat people when they’re famished, easily angered, and merciless.

Many years ago, when my grandfather was still alive, in one late night, he heard one of them let out a howl or a scream. Signalling their return to the areas outside the Reserve.

From what I have been told, is not to whistle, or make any hooting noise while in the bush. From Spring to Autumn they roam the bush and outskirts of town. A Bigfoot throws a large rock from a distance, injuring or killing the prey instantly. And Bigfeet are ambush predators.

random thoughts, tech and random update

If you think about it, the internet and technology is a double edge sword, the more you use them, the easier it is for the peeping toms to track you.

Micro-financing and mobile banking are all ready in Tanzania and Kenya.

Mobile phones are part of majority’s EDC AKA everyday carry. Then again, not everyone has a mobile. Some people would rather starve to death than go without their devices. I sometimes leave my mobile at home to charge the freaking thing.

Mobiles are targets for theft and hacking. I always keep my mobile in sleep mode and locked, but that won’t stop the crook from resetting and selling it to gullible customers. In the bush it’s always wise to be aware of your surroundings and not be distracted.

I don’t do mobile banking, but I check my balances on my landline phone via the old-fashioned way. As the saying goes, the old way is best.