I’m back, ROW80 midweek check in

Ahoy there, this is my late midweek check in. I haven’t been around during Round Two of ROW80. My mind is on other things, and the internet sometimes gives the middle finger.

The Sasquatch story had fallen to the way. I read the first book of the Dune series by Frank Herbert.

My other WIP, I haven’t got the female snark quite exactly right, without the sassiness I find annoying in movies and series. Snark and sassiness are two different things.
I continued on with a tale that features MMC when he was sixteen. More than six months ago, a friend insisted that I watch One punch man anime, Rogue One and the Iron Giant on Netflix. The anime is pretty good.

It seems that there are transgender characters in both of my WIP, not sure why. But in the second, well the first one that became sort of sequel, the older woman is once a man. I admit it’s a cliche and I don’t like being told to write within my own box.

I will participate this July Camp NaNoWriMo, hopefully my internet will be stable. Ideas and writing flow during the morning or burning beyond midnight.


emails, laziness, quick thoughts

Writing email isn’t difficult, we live in a time where a majority of the people are lazy and with a short attention span. Thanks to the crappy education in the Western world. Kids need to be taught cursive writing, Roman numerals, philosophy and the basics. The world isn’t pixie dust and cupcakes, nature is a brutal mistress.

How the heck can it be so difficult to write an email? When writing a draft for something, whether it’s an email, a blog or a story, I prefer no distractions. Among the reasons why I like yWriter, it offers distraction-free environment when typing out words.

I will continue using LibreOffice to compose emails, blogs and WIP. Just turn automatic spell checking and go from there. Exercise that mind and let things fall into place.

Internet problems and other things and update

All right here’s the deal. My internet is unstable, according to my internet provider Xittel, the connectivity and capping problems. That they could either upgrade the main antenna or construct another Tower so to stabilize the internet.

My cell Network doesn’t have 3G and data plans, my mobile was able to connect through Wi-Fi. Knet mobile cell provider told me that they are working on getting 3-g Network. But it will be in a year.

I am hoping that I would get 3-g this summer or before the year’s end. Once 3G is up I will use two-factor Authentication or two Factor verification. But I will have to get a different prepaid sim card if I were to travel to moosonee or Timmins, Ontario. Either by Bell Canada or Rogers, but that would cause me some problems. We will still use passwords as single authentication method.

As I am dictating this blog post via my mobile. I don’t know what the future will hold, if I will be able to get to do login to all my accounts without two-factor Authentication. If I am unable to login it means that they set up a new standard of which that would inconvenience a large segment of the population. A friend of mine said that passwords would not disappear, people trust passwords. Not everyone has a smartphone, adding to the factor of money being tight and unable to acquire the said devices along with Mobile plans and contract, even though it’s prepaid AKA pay as you go.

Going off topic, those devices dangerous when you’re out and about, people are glued to their devices they don’t pay attention to where they are going or walking. I don’t text and walk especially when in the First Nations Reserve.

To be truthful, even though passwords are difficult to kill, as my friend believed. Two-factor verification will still be optional, I believe. So people readers post will not panic remember Don’t Panic buying and don’t panic into doing things.

But I can’t afford a password manager and there’s no word when the data plans that will be available in Attawapiskat First Nation. Then again, I could ask them again.

Again, if I disappear abruptly and unable to login to this account among others without passwords alone. I think that we the users are being grandfathered in to using two-factor verification as default, not any time soon. But but remember don’t panic into doing anything.

My late check in for ROW80 and internet hiccup

This is my late check in for ROW80 Round two. About half of this Xittel Subscribers have hit a hiccup, with the connectivity issues. I wasn’t able to use my ProWritingAid editor unless I disconnect the main ethernet from my wireless router and connect to my laptop. Use my username and password all ready supplied by Xittel and authenticate.

But the downside is that I won’t be able to connect my mobile to Wi-Fi since 3G network hasn’t been installed yet. My hometown is one of two or the last one to have 3G network. According to my internet provider Xittel, the internet is unstable; they don’t have a set date when the issue would be resolved. With the main antenna being overwhelmed by our wireless radios AKA internet canopies. Anyways on to the writing business on hand.

  • Goal one, well it seems my first goal on round two had gone down the poop drainer. But I’m optimistic, as the saying goes, opportunity knocks.
  • As for goal two, well I could write the bigfoot story or continue on with same WIP before April camp NaNoWriMo 2018.

With my current word count of fourteen words, I had hit writer’s wall. But the all-terrain vehicles must continue onward to writing goal.

Sunday check in, forgot about the midweek oops.

ROW80LogocopyGood evening, this is my late Sunday ROW80 check in. I missed my midweek check-in, as things a few hiccups pop up here and there. This morning I wrote 121 words and it’s difficult not to edit what I have written. SO far so good it hasn’t been touched.

I had to change the background colour of my Libre Office writer from white to gold. Staring at the white background is like being snow blinded.  I figured other word processors have the same feature, changing background colour.

  • Camp WriMo Goal
  • My current word count is skimpy. As my FB friend Darlene keep on writing, don’t give up. All right on to my WIP, regarding characters, I do believe I have gotten the female snarkiness down.

While YouTube Livestream Write in, it is illuminating and educational when female writers chat among each other. I imagined the female characters the same way, while the MMC feels he’s being left out. My big thanks to the four ladies chatting away.

Sunday check in, oh boy indeed.

ROW80LogocopyThis is my second check in, last night word count is skimpy, 226 words. I will have to step up the plate and plow onward. yWriter is useful, I took a while to figure out how to set up the word count and change the background colour. I do believe that I am getting a handle of this software.

Camp NaNoWriMo is what I call the mad dash and halt type of deal, same thing with our perennial nemesis NaNoWriMo. Aside from tripping over several literary blocks, the show must continue.

Regarding my current WIP, for a moment, my mind went back to Amazons of Greek Mythology, they’re vicious. One of my female characters has a vicious streak.

I had written a note regarding to one particular female character many year ago, during the yahoo chat-room days. I think, I can recreate the character notes regarding the redhead.

From what I learned after the deletion of my favourite YouTubers 50 ducks in a hot tub. A YouTuber who raises free range ducks, donating meat and eggs to the homeless and the food banks. Apparently they deemed feeding the homeless inappropiate. His back up channel is still up, but that could be taken down as well. Always back up AKA stash your stuff off from cloud, places such as external hard drives. I keep back ups of my projects in several USB flash drives.

First ROW80 check in, round two

First start of Camp NaNoWriMo is slow, a total 306 words written, none since yesterday. Glancing at my document, in what I like to call, some dude WIP. It will be stitching text in between the paragraphs on separate Libre Office document. While hammering away at the keyboards. yWriter works decently, aside from the typos and mistakes, those words will be cleaned up later on.

Earlier this evening my computer almost crashed, I had to force shut down my computer. Run performance tune-up on my computer of which deleted certain things. Nothing was lost.

  • Goal one. April Camp NaNoWriMo. Not much words though I all ready have written words tucked away and ready to be stitched after midnight. I got rid of the white glare from yWriter scene screen AKA document. Right click on Set editor background colour, click on custom colour and its close to Sepia.

Regarding the possible Bigfoot story. There’s an entity called Ohjiskihjoo also known as Wendigo. There are two types of critters, one in form of winter Bigfoot with teeth and claws. The other formerly a human turned into demonic type being. The Ohjiskihjoo bites off his lips and eats the skin ripped from his chest to eat. At the distance, it looks like a man. A foul spirit that appears in the morning before sunrise. More than a year ago, one of the YouTubers mentioned that tearing off skin is part of transformation.

Anyways back to the writing at hand. When writing a certain female character, I hit a momentary hiccup and a block. Continue on where I left off. Well here’s to writing.

Hello there, and quik chit chat and ROW80

Ahoy there fellow ROW80ers, it’s been a while since I blogged and took part in ROW80. A few things had yank me down into the mental gutter. The notebooks that female FB friend sent me, are helpful. Writing is cramped, saved the composition notebooks for last.

I look forward in participating round two of ROW80. it would be interesting. My new tool for writing is yWriter, even the document processor is basic, it looks good. Though it would be nice if there’s grammar and spelling checker. Don’t get me wrong, scrivener is still a decent tool for writing. yWriter would be used for Camp WriMo and this little round.

  • For my goals
  • I will participate Camp NaNoWriMo this April 2018. It will be the one that would feature the same main character several years before the tale.
  • Then the following month, I will concentrate on one of my old WIP.
  • Or I would just wing it, write without or little planning.
  • Possible Sasquatch story.

Regarding my current WIP, the tale that deals with dark themes, hatred, and revenge. It’s controversial, since the main character is sixteen and male.  Other than that, I’m a bit tight lipped.

quick post and random thoughts

Sped got booted out of his box hut by another dog. He wasn’t violent, just sneaked his way in there. My dog wasn’t a happy camper. Pine boughs and dried grass inside, to keep him off the cold floor during the winter time.

I haven’t been writing, but rather researching a lot of things. The trends are disturbing.
After finished reading Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews. I liked how the recipes are included after each end of every chapter. The reason why I picked the book, is due to my current WIP sitting in the back burner or the memory vault. I will have to reread earlier Jason Bourne novels.

Now my next reading material is Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy, a fantasy/horror/science fiction novel.

Back again, hello RWO80 mid week check-in, late again

ROW80LogocopyThis is my ROW80 sunday check-in for October 24, 2016 as usual I’m late. Two days ago, my dog broke his swivel clasp and sat by the door. Waiting for me to open the door or expecting a snack.

  • My writing goal is somewhat oozing along.
  • Sprucing up my long handwriting aka cursive writing.
  • Continuing along with my reading the passage by Justin Cronin.
  • Tweeting has gone nonexistent.

I have been digging around with regard to gold and silver stackers, and how to get rid them without hemorrhaging mullah. Let me be clear, I’m not an expert in precious metals. Just offering my opinions and sporadic observations of the ongoings in a first nation town. In my region, gold and silver is useless up in a first nation reserve, we’re used to paper currency. Depending on how much gold and silver one has. It would be a nightmare to transport gold and silver from a remote community to another.

One. A remote first nation community is only accessible by plane. Two. The closest pawn shop is in Timmins, Ontario. Three. Finding a reputable gold dealer is difficult. Four. Hopping on the plane, one way to Timmins is expensive. Five, hauling gold and silver around is tedious work. Six. There are dishonest pawnshop brokers, coin dealers and gold dealers.

It’s possible to sell precious metals to a scrap dealer, but one must know where to sell and who will buy it. I will have to dig for more information on various topics including this one.

Back to the writing, sometimes going with the flow can alter one’s WIP timeline along with other things. Precious metals and various stuff seem to pop up. Anyways regarding my female character, I finally figured out which kind of flaw to give to her. World building has more layers than an onion.