back online again, thinking oh yeah

My internet went down on Saturday, cutting me off from the digital world for two days. I wasn’t able to participate Saturday’s write in. With nothing to do, I continued reading, well listening to the Passage by Justine Cronin. The internet came back to life around afternoon.

The previous write in in tiny chat room was interesting. We had a Wrinkly Old Dude, Flash Gordon showing his shrivel up cigarette, and one loud black dude cussing.

This upcoming Tiny Chat write in, the room would be secure and private I think, less hassle from freaky lurkers.

I admit that I haven’t been writing for several days now, Helen one of my long FB friends is in the middle of writing a short story starting from last week, I believe.

Quick wrap around the dog house

I wrapped tarp around the dog house, to prevent more dry rot forming around his little house. I roughly added red tape around it to prevent the wind from snaking its way through the tarp. Of which I will have to remove.



The spot around his dog house is muddy due to melted snow and the sprinkle of rain, I can’t move him to another location, one, my yard is small, I always keep an eye on my dog from. my office/laundrymat.

And here’s a picture of Sped, thinking the mobile device is strange looking device or tasty treat.


I stapled the tarp down on several locations, it looks better without the red tape. I don’t want to attract bears and wolves to my dog.


My Midweek check-in, oh dear

row80logocopyThis is my afternoon check-in for Wednesday October 12, 2016. I admit that I haven’t been writing as I should. But discussion and pinging ideas back and forth my writing ooze once more.

  • Reading the passage by Justin Cronin is coming along nice and slow.
  • Created a diverging story from my WIP it’s still in the note stage via steno book, of which the diverging tale would probably standalone or a short story. As a friend says, don’t plan too much on the story.
  • Still lagging on my tweeting.
  • Will continue to work on several of my original WIPs.

I was pleasantly surprised that six composition notebooks were also included with other notebooks. One edge of one notebook is a bit wrinkled, but no matter I will use it first.
I used one of my two remaining steno books which I had saved since 6 years ago. I wonder how this new diverging tale would look.

Not too many moons ago, I was told to age up the main character from 16 to 21. Ergo I aged him up to 18. As my FB friend had said, it would be considered as child porn, even though the male is 16 and the chick is 20 to 38, when they go at it. Chow for now.

Back again, a sad note and random stuff.

ROW80LogocopyJust another ROW80 check-in Sunday October 9, 2016 and I am a day late. 2016 is an interesting year with bumps and hiccups.

I would like a moment to remember a late good friend of mine. A cool dude who had long bout of illness, you’ll be missed by everyone you chatted online. I will post a late memorial on my blog.

  • All right, on to ROW80 check-in business.
  • Reading the Passage by Justin Cronin. It’s coming along nicely.
  • Writing is oozing along.
  • Lagging behind on my tweeting

I was chatting with Lisa in chatzy room about which time frame the main character hails from, a few other ladies in the room got the gist where I am heading with the story.

random thoughts, Bill and my dog.

Taking a selfie with my dog is difficult, trust me the dog is three years old and he will nip at me and lick me. The dog doesn’t like his picture being taken, or the mobile device is emitting radiation that my dog doesn’t like the literal vibes coming from it. After bribing Sped with milk bone biscuits, I snapped pictures of both of us. And emailed them to his wife who is now a widow. I will miss Bill’s sporadic articles. From what his wife/widow told me, Bill loved the pic of me and my dog Sped.

I dreamt that my dog jumped into a ditch, gone through ice and thin coat of snow, he went still in the water; I dragged him out of the ditch water and preformed mouth to mouth. As soon I blew into his snout, the dog got up. After waking up, I don’t know what the dream meant.

It could be something pertaining to the future or recap of what had transpired. Or it could mean that my friend had passed on is in the proverbial paradise. I don’t know what the image of Sped meant. But I dreamt that my dog had drowned in a ditch months ago. I thought little about it until now.

my midweek check in, oh boy

ROW80LogocopyAhoy there, this is my midweek check in for Wednesday October 5, 2016. I’m going off topic for a bit and will return to scheduled program. With autumn arrived a few weeks, ago, changing colour of leaves adding a nice hue to the surrounding landscape.

A few days ago, there’s a sighting of large bear at the local dump, cue Yogi the bear, without Boo-Boo. Rummaging its nose through the trash, looking to stuff itself before winter arrives. And lighter side of news, a polar bear cub was reunited with its mother, after the young cub was found close to town.

Back to writing. From previous post, I mention that I am working on several random stories. I kept a mental note of them, of which I should write them down as notes. Most likely they would be short stories and allow pieces to fall into place.
Reading the passage by Justin Cronin is progressing nicely, I haven’t reached the good stuff yet. But I’m getting there.
I will get back to my Neglected WIP before I forget about it.

  • Prepare for NaNo. And NaNo is just around the corner glaring at me.
  • Continue tweeting.
  • Working on random stories. Possible short stories/
  • Work on several my old WIP that I have neglected
  • Read the passage trilogy by Justin Cronin

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. After reading an online article about Muslim woman who had decapitated several members of ISIS after she lost family members to the fiends. If I read it right, she burned their bodies and cooked their heads. That’s one way of avenging her loss. It reminds me of a saying on how vicious and vindictive a woman would react.

Speaking of which, on my closing note, one of my female characters is vindictive and psychotic to a degree. I borrowed one of the online pictures of Emily Blunt and some other chick just to partially flesh her out.

Ahoy there Fellow ROw80ers, I’m back

row80logocopyWell this is the start of ROW80 Round Four and I am late again, with a new game. Now we ROW80ers are checking in via Facebook, jumping up and down, arms waving, saying “Oh, pick me, pick me.” And so I will cram my ROW80 goals with my check-in.

  • Prepare for NaNo. And NaNo is just around the corner glaring at me.
  • Continue tweeting.
  • Work on random stories. I have several ideas I want to play with.
  • Work on several my old WIP that I have neglected.
  • Read the passage trilogy by Justin Cronin, Legion: Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson, Stained by Blood (A murder investigation) by Douglas J. Hagmann, reread Dreamcatcher by Stephen King, and Ghost in the Machine (The Sphere Cycle book 1) by Kayla Hoyet.
    On to my check-in, I prepared scrivener project (NaNo Random P), for I plan to write two or more stories.

The Internet has a treasure of both useful and useless information. Though I haven’t written a single lick of word.

On some lighter side, instead of singing “I’m every woman.” I will be singing, “I’m every weirdo.” And a few other things.

Monitor causing issue with my laptop

All right, I figured out why there was hardware error. It turns out that my desktop monitor has caused issues. So far so good, my files and my work remained.

A weird thing is that it’s an LCD monitor 21.5 W TFT, connected with HDMI. I disconnected ASUS monitor from my laptop.

Either that I would get an HP monitor or use my ASUS monitor when watching flicks on a laptop. I turned off my external keyboard for a time being. My eyes readjusted to the fifteen inch laptop screen.

I will have to rotate using and not using my ASUS computer monitor. It would be less of headache.

My midweek checkin – ahoy there again

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late check in for Wednesday September 21st 2016. I have written little although I remembered a few things that my father told me. I will mention it later on and revisit the subject.

Anyways according to our chief ROW80er, we will link our blogs via facebook group ROW80. NO more linking blogs to linky. But the main ROW80 blog won’t disappear, it will be static. Some of us old schoolers will continue posting blogs. And you’ll continue to hear well read my ramblings on this digital realm.

All right, on to some juicier stuff.

There are terrifying aspects to the monstrous hairy giant, a bigger and nastier version of sasquatch. Sasquatch is pipsqueak compared to the cannibalistic demon.

Some Cree elders say it bit off its own fingertips and lips. Giving it a gruesome countenance to behold.

Encountering it usually ends in death, once you hear its slow rhythmic heartbeat, following the awful stench. You’ll feel an overwhelming sense of terror when it’s nearby.

When creature blows on a person’s face, the victim forgets the encounter. But when an individual encounter it again, the pure terror and mixture of the memory would be his last.

There are two ways that the beast kills, either decapitation or by shrieking. When the fiend shrieks, everyone drops dead. I mean, literally everyone drops dead. It collects victims going house to house and eat them on the spot by tearing off limbs.

I doubt that it’s a wendigo. Stranger things had happened in this world. People can and became literal demons. That will be another topic.

See ya next round.

My Sunday check-in, redo, oh boy indeed

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late Sunday check in for Sunday September 11, 2016 and I am a day late once again. ROW80 round three. September 22, 2016, is at hand. I will continue posting link to blog for my ROW80 check ins, even though we ROW80ers will lurk around at ROW80 Facebook group. But there’s plenty of time left to mess around and type away.

I’m going off topic, a city and a town are two different things. A Rez aka First Nation Reserve differs from a small town, for starters its less restrictive. A person can push out loaf in the in the bushes, but be forewarned your dog will roll on it, after taking a whiff of one’s turd. My hometown, I live in is safe and quiet, though there are issues with break-ins, theft and arson. Occasional wildlife, such bears, polar bears and wolves lurking in the outskirts. Occasionally, a bear will waltz into town and that’s when dogs will howl and bark. Dog’s are not fond of bears, especially black bears. In winter time, wolves would stroll into town for pooch booty, ergo half-wolf breeds.

Aboriginal dog owners sometimes take precautions in protecting their four-legged friends from wolves, by letting them ride shotgun.

All right back to business at hand. My writing had trickled, a few drops of words. My mind has been rattling about. As a saying goes, you can’t please everyone. Of which is true and a cliche. Trying too hard to be inclusive in writing will be tedious. Real tedious. It’s like playing a game of catch with fifty pound parcels. Dropping it means instant disqualification. A simple advice is let the words flow and everything will drop into place.

The beauty of writing is that you can do anything. Write an interesting character and have him/her snuffed out.

Anyways check out other ROW80ers.